Album Review: Clipse - Til The Casket Drops

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Artist: Clipse
Album: Til The Casket Drops
Release Date: 12.8.09

The long awaited 3rd album from the Virgina duo known as The Clipse has finally arrived. Arguably one of the best duos to ever pick up a microphone, the Thornton twins have had their share of issues and setbacks prior to this release. Releasing a slew of mixtapes, freestyles and features, not to mention an interesting video blog, they have managed to keep their name in the streets and fans salivating at the mouth while awaiting their commercial release.

Freedom - This intro to the album is powerful as they mix their killer flow with a rock instrumental, lyrically assassinating the track. "Cocaine aside all of the bloggers behoove/ my critics finally have a verse to jerk off to." - Pusha T (5/5)

Popular Demand Featuring Cam'ron - Here they team up with Cam'ron on a Neptunes beat with a Pharrell-assisted hook for their latest single. The instrumental was custom tailored for their type of flow with Cam'ron adding something here, the missing piece to the puzzle. (3.5/5)

Kinda Like A Big Deal (Ft. Kanye West) - The first single off the album. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks as they murder this drum heavy interlaced with a mean electric guitar sample. Teaming up with Kanye is a good look for this track as they both heavily use metaphors to make you rewind and replay the track until you catch each and every one of them. (4/5)

Showin' Out Featuring Yo Gotti - Opening with their trademark "Yeck!!" The Clipse dismantle this track with their sharp lyricism. The appearance of Yo Gotti is a surprise but he seemed to hold his own with all the cocaine rap that is spewed throughout this track. (4/5)

I'm Good Featuring Pharrell - The second single released seems to be going for a radio friendly vibe while still staying true to their roots. This track demonstrates that they can take street rap and make it marketable and radio friendly. (4/5)

There Was a Murder - This spaced out instrumental seems rather busy. Likable but busy nonetheless. Not one of the best tracks but they still managed to lyrically carry where the instrumental failed. (3/5)

Door man - The beat is amazing, yet simple as they rap about money, cocaine and cars."I put my money on the roof and crush this B****h". I'm not really a big fan of the topic from them because it seems to easy to rap about having money and buying nice things. Anybody can do that. (3.5/5)

Never Will It Stop Featuring Ab-Liva -A rags-to-riches type theme with an assist from fellow re-up gang member Ab-Liva. (3/5)

All Eyes On Me Featuring Keri Hilson -The third single seems to be aimed at the clubs with the Neptunes-produced house/club music inspired track. This was definitely meant to have you out of your seats and on the floor dancing. (4/5)

Counseling Featuring Pharrell and Nicole Hurst -The instrumental and hook are a good fit as the duo speak about needing counseling for their lust of women, fast cars and luxurious things. (3.5/5)

Champion Featuring Pharrell -I really like the 'bigness' of this track as they proclaim themselves champions of the rap game. (4/5)

Footsteps -Reminiscent of something from Lord Willin', another track murdered though the hook seems out of place. (3.5/5)

Life Change Featuring Pharrell and Kenna -On this track it's all about about how life evolves and changes over time. What was relevant yesterday is not today. (4/5)

This album is not a disappointment if you are a Clipse fan and if you're not a fan then you may become one after listening to this album. They seemed to somehow keep their raw essence but at the same time open themselves up to a new audience. Some of the standout tracks to me are Freedom, Kinda Like a Big Deal, I'm Good and Showin' Out.

Overall I give this album a 4.5 out of 5.

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