Album Review: Angie Stone - Unexpected

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 4:42 PM

Artist: Angie Stone
Album: Unexpected
Release Date: 11.24.09

Contrary to it’s unflattering cover, Angie Stone’s fifth studio album is actually a great representation of the soul singer’s vocals and her ability to produce quality (albeit underrated) music. With a nice mix of feel-good jams and tales of love past and present, Stone delivers Unexpected, an album that digs out a perfect fit for Angie mid-way between her neo-soul roots and a more finessed traditional R&B sound.

What I appreciate most is the variation in this album, in sound and content. This is grown folk’s music, classy but comfortable. On the lead single I Ain’t Hearin’ U Angie revisits her own classic sound over a funky bass guitar and a groovy rhythm. The slow vibe of Maybe and Why Is It illustrate the crossroads of love through Angie’s strong balladry – definite highlights of the album.  Kiss All Over Your Body tastefully explores the sensuality of love without turning respectable into raunchy. For the booty-bumpin cabaret lovers, Hey Mr. DJ provides the feel-good anthem to step to.

Unexpected may not bear the freshest sound, but it’s a proven formula that works quite well. Angie Stone has repeatedly delivered great music, and this album continues that tradition. Her voice is best realized through the album’s slower numbers, but she doesn’t get lost beneath the beat of the upbeat songs either. It’s a shame that soul music like this gets overlooked so often, it often provides an unexpected surprise…

Sound-Savvy rates Unexpected with 4 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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