Big Little Voice

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Title: Little Voice
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Release Date: 7.3.07

We can understand the sentiment you're saying to us oh, but sensible sells so could you kindly shut up... - Sara Bareilles on her next single 'Bottle It Up'

Alright it’s not a brand new release, so sue me. Actually, sue the band-waggoner in me for jumping on late. Little Voice is the sophomore release from California-bred singer Sara Bareilles. I’d call it soul-rock with a touch of pop. There’s a lot of talent packaged here: she wrote all but one song with lyrical depth and her vocals soar on mostly every track. This CD is best experienced with a mixed drink or a glass of wine in hand, half-empty of course.

I’m not sure whether the title for this album was derived from her sense of humor or humility but I assure you, the voice behind the music is anything but little. The album’s piano-driven lead single ‘Love Song’ demonstrates that quite effectively and sets the tone for the project. Its confident swagger (yes she’s got swagger) showcases her vocals along with her lyrical prowess. ‘Come Round Soon’ is clearly the love song she said she wouldn’t write for him to stay; naïveté overrides reality and she finds herself chained to a heart that belongs to another. He’s taken and leaving but I keep believing that he’s gonna come round soon… Later on the album, ‘Between the Lines’ picks up where the aforementioned track left off. You and me, always between the lines… This time reality wins the battle in this showcase of beautiful balladry. Bareilles kicks it up a bit on the widely relatable ‘Many The Miles’, an upbeat song about the road to true happiness and the hurdles to reach that final destination. She brings it back to an even mid-tempo with ‘Love on the Rocks’, a cozy feel-good groove (still got that drink?). Switching gears a bit, the bass-thumping ‘Vegas’ is more guitar heavy and highlights superficialities of perceived ‘success’ and the misconceptions of what it takes to be considered relevant. The effect of all these factors is totaled up into a loss of self, felt on the downhearted follow-up ‘City’.

Sara Bareilles has arrived, and this project is definitely worth the investment and time. She’s a true musician, playing piano on most of her album and writing nearly every song. Her lyrics tell a story of a journey traveled, and experiences seemingly beyond her 28 years. Little Voice may be a sleeper hit, but given more exposure, that little voice is going to make a big impact.


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