Kellz and the Golden Fleece!

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:32 PM

MackN2U: u heard the latest from Kellz?
Mello: Hair Braider? I haven't heard it yet
MackN2U: man... what a waste
Mello: have u seen his wack Sisqo impression…wit his gold braids?
MackN2U: what?!??? awwwwwwww come on
Mello: check mediatakeout
MackN2U: OMG I see it… Mel, let's join hands
Mello: lol… say a prayer for brother Kelly
MackN2U: Heavenly Father, we know sometimes R. Kelly steps outside of his left and right brains
Mello: he's on overboard
MackN2U: and a lot of times he steps into the realm of extreme bitchassness
Mello: lol
MackN2U: Father God, now is one of those times. We need you to lay hands on your son... and his golden fleece
Mello: he's an artist craving 4 attention
MackN2U: and whatever woman braided that Golden garden of negro naps
MackN2U: in the name of the real golden lamb we pray, Amen!
Mello: and he had it sprayed
MackN2U: One thing I will say: that bamma's shape-up is fresh to def!!
Mello: poor Kellz
MackN2U: u know what? Dru Hill is comin back with a new album... maybe Kellz produced a lot of it... and in order to get on Sisqo’s level he had to get into character.
Mello: ..........
MackN2U: okay I was reaching with that one
Mello: lol
MackN2U: oh I can't wait for the video... this is gonna be a riot
Mello: he's lost it
MackN2U: maybe it's the stress of his trial… it's scheduled to actually take place ya know…the day after next to never
Mello: Exactly! He been on trial for decades!
MackN2U: this is the longest almost-trial in history
Mello: the ONLY pedophile to escape
MackN2U: Thank you Diddy, otherwise I wouldn't know how to classify this

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