Do You Promise to tell THE TRUTH...

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Artist: Cherish
Album: The Truth
Release Date: 5.13.08

Dropping their debut album Unappreciated in 2006, Fallon, Felisha, Farrah & Neosha, known as Cherish, allowed us to snap our fingers on Do It to It, a bonafied summer hit. With their followup single, Unappreciated, they left us-consumer, feeling very unappreciated. As a consumer, if we are spending our hard earned dollars on an album, we'd like to feel our dollar was well spent. However, the rest of the album was just mediocre. We didn't want to snap our fingers the entire album...
Exit stage left. Taking a slight hiatus away from the scene can either make or break ones career. However, in their case, it did them some justice. They have a more mature sound on The Truth. The first single, Killa, is a certified club banger which features Yung Joc, and is the only collabo listed on the album, leaving room to really display their true talent. Slowing it down with their followup single, Amnesia is about a subject to which all can relate: forgetting that terrible breakup.
Having penned majority of the tracks on the album, they let their fans delve more into their personal lives. Regardless of their celebrity, they live normal lives & deal with real issues. On Notice, they speak on having a crush on someone who doesn't know they exist,...I think I'll write him a notice, so he can notice that I'm trying to get his attention... Ladies, can ya relate? There's nothing like having that relationship, where your significant other makes you feel like a celebrity in your own right as shown on Superstar, ...I know when I come home I'm your superstar, even if no records were sold, I'm your superstar... Pure love at its best!
Most artists fear the sophomore jinx, because they feel they wont live up to the hype from their previous album. However, this album is a drastic improvement, both lyrically & production wise. Only thing in life thats constant is change; embrace or reject it. This change for them is definately worth embracing & CHERISHING.


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