Here He Stands... AND DELIVERS!!

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Artist: Usher
Album: Here I Stand
Release Date: 5.27.08

Usher's new release, Here I Stand is set to hit stores May 27. We got a chance to listen to it, and it was so crazy that we had to do a review together for our readers. Click below to see what all the hype is about...

Mello: Looks like Usher, Mr. Entertainment himself, has created yet ANOTHER CLASSIC
MackN2U: Maannnn... if anyone doubted, they need to just go get it
Mello: we missed him in the spotlight..but his hiatus WAS WELL WORTH IT
MackN2U: this CD should have been called THE TRUTH, cause that's what it is: True talent and true content
Mello: From the Intro to the end, hit after hit...
MackN2U: This album introduces Usher: The Grown Ass Man
Mello: The Husband, the Father, The Artist
MackN2U: Love In The Club, first single... Polow Da Don... crazy club joint
Mello: Moving Mountains...2nd single. It’s all about the back & forth rollercoaster ride of a relationship
MackN2U: produced by the Dream, and vocally Moving Mountains is just plain sick. He had to get into the zone to record this joint... so much emotion
Mello: Usher has always been a strong artist vocally but this entire album shows extreme growth on all levels...
MackN2U: yeah, but in the past, he's been so busy cranking out dance tracks and club bangers that his real vocals are overshadowed, but not this time around
Mello: he really allows his fans to dig deep into his personal space especially on Something Special. You can tell his overprotective wife has inspired some of these tracks
MackN2U: and Before I Met You is the official "turnin in my playa card" anthem
Mello: if your a virgin to what Usher brings, by cd's end.. that V-Card has OFFICIALLY been snatched
MackN2U: this dude is the truth... A lot of people are prayin for his downfall... they think Confessions was a fluke and he can't do it again... but Ladies and Gentlemen
Mello: Usher is BACK and with a vengeance on the sexually enhanced track Trading Places, particulary one of my FAVES
Mello: He wants his special lady to do ALL the work
MackN2U: Wait... that's my favorite track!!
Mello: in essence, lets trade places… role-reversal, U take charge
MackN2U: I like a woman that can take charge sometimes
Mello: Ladies..hear me when I say this...There's nothing wrong with a lil role reversal to keep that candle lit in the bedroom, or your relationship for that matter
MackN2U: in and out of the bedroom
Mello: a result of the work you've put in, your reward comes on part 2
MackN2U: exactly
Mello: and I CAN'T WAIT!
MackN2U: we'll hook you up like we always do... but we wanna give you the chance to take control
MackN2U: But fellas can all relate to His Mistakes. Ne-yo did some work on this track...
Mello: reminds me of Musiq’s Previous Cats
MackN2U: “I love you girl, but I refuse to stay, payin for his mistakes”…But beyond the lyrics... there's some beautiful instrumentation and vocals
Mello: I definately agree
MackN2U: I tell ya, Usher has some hot club bangers in his catalog... but he shines best on his mids and slow jams on this album
Mello: I've always been a fiend for Ushers slow jams
MackN2U: His Mistakes is a beautiful piano-led melody with a nice symphonic violin. It's just beautiful...
MackN2U: The title track, Here I Stand… well every artist does their wedding song if you’re in the game long enough - every GREAT artist, that is and this is his wedding ballad...
Mello: yea. Great artist – that sounds better
Mello: Come on Mack...lets not spoil the goodies on the album...we gotta let the Sound-Savvy community take a listen first
MackN2U: aight, u right
Mello: cant spoil it, its only fair...
MackN2U: If there's one purchase you gotta make. GET THIS ALBUM. Fellas, this is some real grown man music... but not old school
Mello: ChuucHHH! I definitely second that notion. Ladies...Usher is a man of his word...and he does look out for us too
MackN2U: Sound-Savvy slaps a double stamp of approval on this... this is Sound-Savvy Certified HOTNESS!!!
Mello: Bonafide Hotness
MackN2U: And ya’ll know we got no problem tellin u it's garbage, even if we're fans of the artist
Mello: and please dont do this man a dishonor and burn it. He deserves every penny....
MackN2U: REAL TALK!! and even if u do... just listen to it!
Mello: You heard it here first folks... May 27th...Here I Stand... in stores
MackN2U: Cop that!
Mello: you wont be disappointed!

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  1. bshepjr Said,

    i dont think it will sell as much as confessions but thats just me.

    "lifetime" is my shit

    Posted on May 27, 2008 at 1:05 PM


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