Poor Buck...GGGG-U NOT! LOL

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 1:29 AM

By BallerAlert.com Washington, D.C. -

Ever since the infamous taped phone call between Buck & 50 leaked to the masses, things for Buck have been looking rather bleak. This past Thursday, at Fur Nightclub in Washington D.C., Buck's first performance since the debacle, only 20 people showed. SMH. Talk about a full house, sheesh! LOL.

The promoters weren't hospitable, making Buck pay for his own hotel room. Talk about tough. Prior to the show, he was paid half of the money, and was to get the remainder at show time, did he get it? Of course not. Buck didn't even perform that night. He was supposed to do another show tonight, but the promoter left him with all the bills.

His entourage wasn't allowed in Fur. The club said that they weren't dressed properly. Buck was the only one that could have on athletic wear. Unless his hype man or DJ paid to get in, Buck would've been a one man band. I'm sure this wouldn't have gone down like this if he were still affiliated with G-Unit, who coincidentally was also in town promoting their new album T.O.S.


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