Southern Soul Personified

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I believe that love is synonymous with heaven, such a sensual bliss...

Artist: Anthony David
Venue: The Evening Muse
Date: 7.15.08

I’m convinced Anthony David isn’t a soul singer… he’s a singer with soul. Last night, the NoDa arts district of Charlotte, NC was rocked by the sounds of Mr. Acey Ducey and company, and there wasn’t an ear in the building that left unsatisfied. Anthony David’s been on the performing circuit for quite some time, making noise in the underground soul world. As I watched the crowd fill the venue, I noticed a few twenty-somethings, but mostly a 30 and up crowd – those with an ear for the real. There was an air of anticipation, and a feeling that this show would be one to remember...

The population density of the venue had the temperature already on hotter-than-July, but it raised to about mid-August when the band and the man of the hour hit the stage. For the next hour-and-some-change, he created a vivid illustration of life through his acoustic soul, his emotional vocal delivery, and his musical arrangements. If you were there I know you felt the energy along the way; maybe it was during his upbeat jams like Georgia Peach, or his slick-talk on Spittin Game. Maybe you were feelin the bluesy, unplugged segment of the show, fighting an addiction on Cold Turkey, or fighting himself on Cheatin’ Man. Nestled in the back of the venue, the band brought to life the depth of his lyrics and the power of the melodies, especially during jams like Kinfolk and that immaculate guitar rift on Somethin About You. For a fan like me, the best attribute of the show was that it was free-flowing, and David took his time to please his audience, performing earlier works that were fan favorites like Ms. Arie’s Can You Be A Part of My Life, and Krooked Kop. The show closed with Words, the duet with India.Arie, which displays a perfect match of tones and style. Any two people can sing together, but this duet is simply a musical masterpiece.

If you don’t have the album, Acey Ducey, I highly recommend it for the R&B/Soul listener. It’s a nice blend of his acoustic works from Three Chords and The Truth and his jam sessions on The Red Clay Chronicles. The bluesy blend of emotional lyrics and artistic sounds brings to life a southern style of soul that is simple yet striking. Highlights include Spittin’ Game, Lady, and Cheatin’ Man. As the first artist from India.Arie's Songbird Records, he has set the tone for more artists and musicians to come up through the ranks and leave a mark on the world. There are definitely more than three chords on Acey Ducey, and it’s still the truth…

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  1. Kimesha Said,

    Great review! I have seen Anthony David twice live and plan on seeing him again on the 25th when he comes to DC. I remember the first time I saw him, he opened up for Kindred. As everyone in the audience continued to talk and waited impatiently for him to get off the stage, I felt like I was the only one in the room listening to this man perform. I came in on the middle of his performance but I couldn't wait until the end ONLY to hear his name so I could hunt every piece of work that he has done. I have followed him ever since. He is so underrated and is an EXCELLENT performer. Not like these performers today, do about like 5 or 6 songs and then call it quits. Anthony performs from beginning to end and gives you what you paid for and more!

    Posted on July 16, 2008 at 4:16 PM


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