Donnie Klang: Just A Rolling Stone

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Artist: Donnie Klang
Album: Just A Rolling Stone
Release Date 9.2.08

Just A Rolling Stone is the debut album from Making The Band 4 alumnus Donnie Klang. While Donnie doesn’t have the urban edge of Day 26, or the confident sexiness of Danity Kane, he manages to fit right into a pop star slot with an album full of hot beats, catchy hooks and some pretty decent vocals. Of course there are the Justin Timberlake comparisons, but Justin had that urban appeal that Donnie just doesn’t have (and doesn’t need) with this debut. My verdict: this CD has quite a few cuts worth listening to and is definitely worth completing your Making The Band album collection.

There are some well-respected producers that contributed to this album, adding some strong foundation to Donnie’s breathy vocals. This album kicks off very upbeat with tracks specifically designed to make you dance. The first song is Take You There which features Diddy (performed by the duo on the finale of MTB4 season 2). The voice altering takes away from the song, and although it was the lead single, it doesn’t showcase what to expect on the album. Its successor and 2nd single is up next, Dr. Love, which gives a better taste of Donnie’s vocals over some hard-hiting beats from Channel 7 (formerly 7 Aurelius). Danja (in the clutch!) weighs in with the club-banger Hollywood Girl, the story of a small time sweetheart with big dreams and big ambition. Donnie also slows it down quite nicely on the Mario Winans ballad Catch My Breath, which almost sounds like a song made up totally of pick-up lines. Vocally, it’s very smooth and the harmonic and shows a different side of Donnie. Which One is a nice B. Cox joint about honesty and the burden of choosing between 2 lovers and surprisingly, it’s NOT a ballad. Other highlights include the title track (Just A Rolling Stone), The Rain, and My Idol, on which Donnie sings the praises of the woman who has unmistakably become The One.

There were a few tracks that could have been left on the cutting room floor. The Dream contributed to Hurt That Body which is another dance track that gets a bit annoying after the 2-minute mark. Then there’s the self-indulgent Pretty Girls Cry (which has a touch of MJ in the beat, circa P.Y.T. era). The vocals are very breathy and it’s hard to envision insecure little Donnie making any girl cry without a few tears of his own to accompany.

Just A Rolling Stone is due out in stores on September 2, consequently the same day as Young Jeezy’s The Recession so they’ll battle it out for the #1 spot. If you’re looking for another R&B record, this album is not for you. Expect some hard hitting dance joints, some above average vocals and some pretty decent content. Pop fans, if you like N’Sync, and the reincarnation of New Kids on the Block, you’re likely to find pleasure in Donnie’s debut, it gives you boy band without the rest of the band…


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