John Legend: If You're Out There

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 3:20 PM

History is being made this week at the Democratic National Convention. Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy gave two rousing, heartfelt speeches that brought a sense of unity, family and hope to bring all generations together (click here to see Michelle's speech). But one of the highlights of the first day of the convention was John Legend's spine-tingling performance of his new song "If You're Out There". This isn't the first time Legend has vocalized his support of Barack Obama and the democratic committee, he also appeared on the track "Yes We Can" by Will.I.Am earlier this year. This performance features the Agape International Choir and the message is a call to action for our generation. The time is now, there is a need for change, and we can do it. The future started yesterday, and we're already late...
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