Making The Band 4: Season 3, Episode 1 Rewind

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:14 AM

: I'm addicted to MTB…and Big Mike
Mack: lol… clearly
Mello: shutup
Mack: i saw your message from last night
Mello: yea Laurie Ann is a trip
Mack: I LOVE her!!
Mello: she's crazy
Mack: nah... she's got vision
Mello: yea, I know but her vibe is hilarious/crazy
Mack: I love her work ethic. She sees something and she pulls it out of you. A lot of people aren't used to someone that's balls to the wall for what they see in their mind
Mello: her & diddy been bumping skins
Mack: oh yeah... i got a little teary with their lil heart to heart moment. Oh, and classic Aubrey...."oops BOOBIES!"
Mello: she's a hot ass! I love her tho
Mack: she's the comic relief side to DK... she's so candid. I love watchin her
Mello: yea… dawn & q still goin… I love them!
Mack: in that preview clip he was like "Dawn I think I wanna marry you!"
Mello: yea
Mack: oh yeah... u think they're really getting married?
Mello: hmmm… with them its hard 2 tell. They're soooo in love
Mack: yeah. i think the network is playin it up, but I definitely think Aubrey and Donnie bumped uglies too
Mello: oh yea of course, with her hot ass anything’s a go
Mack: she's so real tho... she's the type of chick that would fart around u… lol
Mello: oh yea I know. That's why I like her… its her "I don't give a fuck" attitude
Mack: The guys dance steps looked a lot better with Laurie Ann though. They were hittin some classic New Edition steps
Mello: they're more crisp
Mack: yeah... but in the back of my mind i'm wondering... can they sing while they're doin all this
Mello: true… they definately will need stamina
Mack: yeah, cause Diddy don't play... and neither do I
Mello: lol
Mack: I will blast your ass if you get up on stage dancing and out of breath when u sing. I wanna hear what I heard on the album or better and I wanna see a SHOW with it!
Mello: true
Mack: but I got faith in these guys, they can do it. that album is hot... stays in rotation on my iPod. I don't know about Donnie though, I feel kinda bad for him.
Mello: yea
Mack: His CD is not gonna make #1… it may do top 5, but it's not gonna be #1... Young Jeezy is releasing "The Recession" on the same day
Mello: I'm going 2 support Donnie
Mack: Diddy strategically planned the releases of Day 26 and Danity Kane so that they wouldn't be competing with any other major artists...but it's like ‘whatever’ for Donnie!
Mello: he will get some sales but he’s not gonna do dk or day 26 #s
Mack: nah... his vibe is totally different too. More pop, Justin Timberlake-ish
Mello: true… imma support him. I can't wait 4 da next episode!

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  1. kratedigga Said,

    Laurie Ann deserves an Oscar for that performance and why did her face fall off when she started to cry?

    Posted on August 20, 2008 at 3:24 PM


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