TIYMLI: An Alien From Outer Space

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 1:41 PM

Artist: Janelle Monae
Album: Metropolis - The Chase Suite
Release Date: 8.12.08

What's up Sound-Savvy readers, wanted to hit you with Bad Boy's newest, freshest talent: a cybergirl by the name of Janelle Monae. Don't expect this to be your traditional Bad Boy sound. It seems Puff let go of all the creative strings, and the result is something a lil out of this world. Check her out, we think you may like her.

Mack: aight Janelle Monae, what can I say?
Mello: a very colorful artist to say the least
Mack: yeah very imaginative, she does a great job painting the story
Mello: as most artists should
Mack: I like her cause she brings something different. She's like straight outta left field
Mello: luckily, I caught the ball. I feel her on each track, from beginning to end
Mack: a lot of people won't though; her content will go right over their heads
Mello: of course, some people will judge her book by its cover and won't give her a listen
Mack: but even her voice is very strong. I could tell she was holding back a little but she's got a tiger in there
Mello: she might be saving that 4 her full album, just giving those willing to listen, something to look forward to
Mack: yeah. I really liked Sincerely Jane and Smile. Smile kinda has that old school feel to it almost like somethin out of the 60s. Well it is a remake, but her voice gives it that old school touch, keeps it classic. Nat King Cole did the original
Mello: yea, I really love the lead track, Violet Stars, its so different
Mack: I like her fresh vibe... not really R&B, not really pop, she's like an alternative mesh between them all with a techno spin
Mello: like an Andre 3000
Mack: I could hear her teamin up with him
Mello: that'll be explosive, two random personalities on one track
Mack: yeah, and I would also love to hear her work with N.E.R.D. They both have such alternative styles. That would be one colorful ass song… and one high ass recording session! Shrooms and purple pills!
Mack: from what I read about her, she's got some background in broadway too. That's probably why her instrumentals sound so good with her vocals. She's used to that big band sound. I like her, definitely interested to see what she’s got next.

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