New Kids, New Block

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Artist: New Kids On The Block
Album: The Block
Release Date: 9.2.08

Alright, the New Kids are back on the scene, making music once again, and their new album is in stores. But this album has more of a softie R&B feel instead of continuing the pop style that made them kings of the 90's. The Block isn't a failure by far - the guys have proven that after years apart, they can still deliver some tight harmony while making you dance. My problem with this album is the lack of mature content. The group members are well into their 30's (possibly 40's) and are still trying to be the "boy band" of yesteryear. What The Block needed was some mature content and more of the live band sound, instead of synthesizers and vocal augmentation, appealing to the screaming teen fanbase. At their ages, music is less about being cute and more about being real - real lyrics, real music. And that's where the breakdown of The Block begins.

The album's highlights would be the first single Summertime, which introduces that softer side over a smooth midtempo beat with a nice harmonic blend of vocals on the hook. Ne-yo penned the second single, Single and is featured on the track. You can also check for Big Girl Now, and Lights, Camera, Action. Beyond these cuts, the album doesn't really offer much by way of quality content. Of course the beats are above average, and the vocals sound nice, but that doesn't make a strong album. There's no content here worth keeping in rotation. The bottom line is this: you can't be a boy band forever, at some point you gotta grow up and face the music... LITERALLY!

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