New Kids OFF the Block

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:56 AM

Let me get slightly self indulgent for a moment. Back in the day New Kids on the Block ran shit! I mean, call me wack if you must, but I was in LOVE with those guys. I even had the NKOTB sleeping bag. Back then they had the "Right Stuff". Now to present day, on their new single featuring Mr. Independent himself, Ne-Yo, this song is the furthest thing from a hit. Might I add, these guys @ their ages should not be singing about being someones boyfriend. Your target market is no longer the teenybopper crowd. The only plus to this God-awful track: Ne-Yo makes it hot! Lets see if this track makes it as a hidden discovery on The Year of the Gentleman. Sorry fellas, go back into hibernation, boy bands just aren't in anymore, unless of course you're the Jonas Brothers.

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