Review: Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 5:50 PM

Artist: Jazmine Sullivan
Album: Fearless
Release Date: 9.23.08

I can’t forget the first time I heard the voice – I was in the car and the reggae-influenced I Need U Bad started playing. Instantly, I connected with the soulfulness of her voice, the passion and emotion through which she connected to the song. She gave me hints of Lauryn Hill but much stronger vocally. Then, a few months later I came across Lions, Tigers and Bears and, in that moment, I became a fan of the artist that is Jazmine Sullivan. Fearless is indeed a bold debut, as she breaks the confines of genre to bring a soulful variety of emotions coupled with a range of musical styles. Lyrically it's very REAL and her experiences make a genuine connection with her audience.

The album opens with the second single, Bust Your Windows, a tale of heartbreak-turned-vengeance told over a waltz-y Salaam Remi instrumental that could easily back the next James Bond theme. On Call Me Guilty, Jazmine reclaims her life from an abusive lover by exacting the ultimate revenge. I love how she serves up the heartbreak on the brutally honest In Love With Another Man, and then flips that honesty into a cheery, almost whimsical flaunt on Switch, where she falls for the charm of his best friend. Even on the upbeat tracks like One Night Stand and Live A Lie there is a nice mesh of old school flavor with Jazmine’s powerhouse vocals. Next to the orchestra-backed Lions, Tigers and Bears, my other personal favorite song is the equally impressive After The Hurricane (Stargate); her raw vocals mixed with the piano melody do justice to liken her stormy love affair to a reckless force of nature.

Fearless is the album that sets Jazmine apart from her counterparts in the industry. This album embraces music on all levels and mixes Jazmine’s R&B soul with elements of reggae, jazz, gospel and hip-hop. Unabashedly, she shares her honesty and her perspective with her listeners through her self-written lyrics and connects their emotions to her own. This album lives up to it’s hype as one of the greatest debut albums I’ve heard all year, though it still leaves room for her to continue her growth and fearlessly rise quite a few levels above her competition.


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  1. A. Red Said,


    I love, love, love, Lion, Tigers and Bears. While I think her album is dope and have been banging it all weekend, I think it's kinda all over the place. It doesn't really "flow."

    I really hope she does well! I hate how talent people are overlooked, but the tepid singing, having naked chicks are selling like crazy. It's as shame...

    Posted on September 22, 2008 at 10:27 AM

  2. Eb the Celeb Said,

    I am loving this album... don't agree with the order of the tracks at all.. they got it all wrong... but I do love every track... just NOT in that order

    Posted on September 23, 2008 at 6:39 PM


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