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Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:25 PM

This countdown was presented during the Sound-Savvy report for Mindstream Radio on 10.8.08 and it was a lil challenging for me to come up with because I know you already know about some of the more mainstream joints like Freek N U by Jodeci and the original Knockin Boots by H-Town (not that Ugly Ricky ish on the radio nowadays) and I wanted to give you something different. This list is taken directly from the Mack Vault of some slow jams that are perfect for when it’s time for that real body rockin' knockin' da' boots. So here you go, Sound-Savvy's Top 10 Seductive jams:

Ladies, when it comes to lovemaking, some fellas prefer you be more vocal, in fact the louder the better. In honor of that, the number 10 spot goes to mega-songwriter and the consummate gentleman Ne-yo with Say It from his sophomore album Because of You. We know what you want, but it’s so much sexier when we hear you say it…

Fellas, is there anything better than having a woman that will do anything to make sure you reach that ultimate destination? I didn’t think so. Coming in at #9 this week are the original ladies of 90’s R&B, its SWV with Anything from the album It’s About Time. There’s a lot of sexiness to this track: the lyrics, the beat, the raindrops... it’s very simple but it says a whole lot.

Ladies, we haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, to prove it, coming in at #8 is Lloyd with Year of the Lover from his third album, Lessons In Love. This joint has a nice steady rhythm, and it’s all about doing it all but only with the right one and giving her anything she wants. But you only give it all when you find the one, and do it right… all night…

Fellas, in case you didn’t know, the key to makin it last is taking your time and pleasing your woman. If you need some direction, you may wanna listen to the #7 joint. It’s X-Scape with Work Me Slow from their sophomore album Off The Hook. The message here is simple: A little music, a nice drink, and some slow lovin makes a woman feel like she's more than a woman.

There’s not much I can say about this next joint. These fellas were two-hit wonders of the 90’s but this is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard. In at #6, the brothers of the 90’s group Intro with Come Inside from their self-titled debut. If you haven’t heard it yet, all I’mma say is listen to the breakdown!

They say different strokes, different folks. Some like a little role play in the bedroom. If you’re into that, you can probably appreciate Kelly Rowland’s #5 jam with Tank. It’s called The Show. from her sophomore album Ms. Kelly. If you can’t get with the performance metaphors, let the soft rhythm and sexy vocals get you in the mood, or keep you there.

Everyone knows the perfect weather to make love in is the thunderstorm. The world could crash all around you in the thunder and lightning but as long as you’re with that right one, the storm doesn’t even matter. #4 this week goes to Jamie Foxx with Storm (Forecass) from his last album, Unpredictable. When the rain starts to fall, it’s time to help your lady make a little rain of her own.

Regardless of what you might hear, the sexiest type of music to make love to is anything with a slow electic guitar rift. That’s why Beyonce gets the #3 spot with Speechless from the Dangerously In Love album. On top of a sultry instrumental, Beyonce lays down some hot silky vocals and some very provocative lyrics.

The top 2 are must-plays in my list.

Ladies, your man is probably not intimidated by an aggressive woman. In fact, he probably loves it when you take charge. A little role reversal in the bedroom adds a lot of spice and a lot of pleasure. The #2 joint in the countdown goes to a brutha who’s known for keeping it nice and slow. It’s Usher with Trading Places from his latest album Here I Stand. I love the idea of just layin here and lettin her take control.

Sometimes the best time and place to get you some is at any random time and in any random place. There’s something about getting it on in a public place that’s downright sexy. Now if you know me, you know who’s already got the #1 spot. And it’s not because I’m her ultimate fan, it’s because she’s got enough babymaking slow jams in her career to make 2 albums and conceive enough kids to make a little league football squad. It’s none other than Janet Jackson with the classic Anytime, Anyplace. A little voyeurism, a little randomness all in the name of good love makes it all worthwhile...

Now before I let you go, let me keep this sex talk totally real with 2 tracks everyone should be paying attention to due to the serious nature.

1st is from Lyfe Jennings latest album Lyfe Change, it’s called It’s Real and it’s about the consequences of unprotected sex – which can lead to HIV the virus that causes AIDS.

#2 is by T-Pain from his album Epiphany. It’s an interlude called I Got It followed by the song Suicide. Again, it talks about the reality that having unprotected sex is like committing suicide. Anyone could have anything so if you’re gonna have sex, treat everyone like they already got it and STRAP IT UP.


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