Montell Jordan - Let It Rain

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Artist: Montell Jordan
Album: Let It Rain
Release Date: 10.21.08

Some artists fade away into obscurity for years at a time, but then come back with a project so hot that the hiatus is well worth it. And then there are some that don’t. Case in point: Montell Jordan. Who would have known that this is album #7 for the former Def Soul artist and hit songwriter? Let It Rain is Jordan’s latest project, introduced by the lead single Not No More, which didn’t really light any fires so there’s no wonder this project barely fizzles, if at all.

Overall, there’s just a general lack of soul and effort put into this project, and it comes off as more of a lifeless hobby rather than a product of passion. The title track opens the album, but the poor mix quality makes it sound more like someone’s bad demo. The production practically drowns out Jordan’s smooth tenor. On the contrary though, it’s neither the production nor the vocals that kill the rest of the album – it’s the lyrics and content. Okay, well maybe the vocals in some spots. On I Like The Way, the slurred hook is a turnoff and this a general concept that’s been re-done way too many times. Comatose is a bit on the morbid side; from the title, I thought it was going to be more metaphoric but I soon realized it’s actually a lot more literal. The lyrics and the production are so dark that it’s actually a bit scary, but is probably one of the only tracks worth listening to – even as it drags on.

Let’s not forget the few hits that we can thank him for. I actually miss the Montell Jordan of the 90’s; Mr. This Is How We Do It, the brutha that could tell you What’s On Tonite and seemed to always have Somethin For The Honeyz (yeah I know you forgot all about that one…) Along the way he penned quite a few R&B hits for artists like Deborah Cox (Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here), Sisqo (Incomplete), Christina Milian and other artists who seem to have faded into the same inevitable darkness that this album crawled out of. Montell once declared he’d never come wack; never say never. But it’s not too late to bring the old school back…


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  1. That's unfortunate his album was whack. I hate to see talented people do sub-par work.

    Posted on November 3, 2008 at 3:50 PM


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