Naturally Superhuman

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:14 PM

Chris Brown is one of those artists who won't ever lose his edge. He still has time to grow & with the current state of music these days, growing ain't necessarily a bad thing. Releasing Superhuman on the re-release of Exclusive: The Forever Edition definately added depth to his artistry. Keri Hilson, has definitely been in the game way before we were introduced to her as the artist. Teaming up together, while both artists are at the peak of their careers is a definite power move. We all feel superhuman when it comes to that special someone; one who sees beyond what we see in ourselves. Listen to the lyrics, pick them apart. Loving the call/response feel, but most of all I'm loving how Chris Brown is maturing into a GROWN MAN! Rihanna, you better watch out, Keri & I are coming for your man!(lol)


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