Review: Joe-New Man

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 5:25 PM

Album: New Man

Artist: Joe Thomas

Release Date: 9.23.08

We know Joe best for his balladry smoothed over with his ever so soothing voice. Of course he's one of the few artists who can convey a sensual yet sexual song without sounding raunchy. Such tracks as Love Scene, sexual classic at its best. He has returned with his 7th studio album, New Man, & at its best, its in the words of Randy Jackson of American Idol, it was just" aiiighhht for me dude".

Opening with lead single E.R. (Emergency Room) produced by D. Mile(Darkchild), he speaks on the idea of his woman being the doctor needing to revive him of his love. Nice simple track, however, of the remaining tracks on the album, they fall short of something: that signature Joe element. The production on the album is phenomenal. Working with talented producers & song writers such as Brian Michael Cox, Johnta Austin (by the way, when is your album dropping?), just to name a few, he has all the factors that should lead to a multi-platinum sale, but this project is mediocre at its best.

A few highlights to check for are By Any Means, We Need to Roll, Heart Behind My Eyes, & Sex Girl, the last remaining tracks are snippets to what might be on his followup album Signature available Feb. 10, 2009.

Joe, over his entire career has definately earned his stripes. He's written & produced for multi-platinum artists, but when it comes to his own music, lately, he's missed the boat. As a fan, I ask: can he take it back to the All That I Am days?? Now that was a piece of timeless art!


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