Review: T-Pain - Thr33 Ringz

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:26 AM

"We gon' have a ripping good time, just hit rewind and you can see I'm far too crazy..."

Artist: T-Pain (The Ringleader)
Album: Thr33 Ringz
Release Date: 11.11.08

Objectivity in music has never been difficult for me. Of course I’ve got my favorite artists just like anyone else, but I can admit when my favorites fall short. In contrast, it’s rare for an artist whose music is generally less than appealing to me to put out a song that I enjoy; even rarer when that one song is followed up by an entire album that I enjoy – or in this case, can’t stop listening to. That being said entitled Thr33 Ringz. Surprised…no…stunned…no… maybe AMAZED is how I felt when I played this album. Honestly, I didn’t care for T-Pain prior to this album. I felt his use of the Vocoder was not only excessive, but a testament to the lack of talent which causes his music to be more gimmicky and less artistry. However, his latest project exceeds where his previous attempts have failed: this actually includes quite a bit of creativity, artistry and some really good music.

The whole circus-theme really works here, and it’s kicked off with the highly infectious Ringleader Man, which features some witty lyrics and smooth harmonies over a Ringling Brothers-inspired instrumental. The song that initially piqued my interest in the project was the collaboration with multi-talented ATLien Ludacris, Chopped N’ Skrewed. I actually thought my iPod was malfunctioning the first time I heard it (before it was released to radio), but then the brilliance of the concept hit me – very clever Mr. Pain. Satisfy the dancer in you with cuts like Freeze, which features crump master Chris Brown or Ciara’s cameo on Blowing Up. T.I. joins the lineup (figuratively this time) with Akon on It Ain’t Me, a track that represents for the fellas by teaching a valuable lesson to the inevitable baller-enticed gold-diggers: “a chick who asks for nothing gets everything, a chick who asks for everything gets nothing”. Therapy is a track that gets extra ballsy with some help from fellow Vocoder junkie Kanye West: “1,2,3,4, You can get up out my door, 5,6,7,8, I don’t need your sex I’ll masturbate…” The Vocoder meets it’s match three times over on Reality Show, a fun track that features ripping vocals from Raheem Devaughn, Musiq Soulchild and Jay Lyriq.

One of the highlights of the album is surprisingly an inspirational track entitled Change, which features Mary J. Blige, Akon and music mogul Diddy. The harmony and vocals on this track are exceptional and the theme here is one that speaks to the climate of the country, especially in the aftermath of a historic election. The other track, however, has an almost polar opposite theme and was leaked to the internet weeks ago creating a massive buzz. DJ Khaled offers some assistance (in the form of annoying vocal intercessions) on Karaoke. T-Pain sets the record completely straight about trash-talkers, critics, and rappers-turned- “swagger-jackers”. This track pulls out all the stops and addresses all T-Pain’s detractors industry and non-industry alike.

When you think about it, the structure of this album was genius. Almost everyone T-Pain has given a hit to returns the favor on Thr33 Ringz. Not to mention the fact that he totally delivers in his songs as well as his raps. This ringleader had a few tricks up his sleeve which serve him well as this is one of the year’s better releases. I’d still prefer to hear an album of songs in his natural voice to determine the extent of his true talent. Until that day comes, may his "rhythms and rhymes keep niggas in line…


P.S. The tracks on the Deluxe Edition are WORTH IT!! Especially Phantom...

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  1. Damn it Mack ! I just knew you were going to validate my fears about this album lol Now I've gotta go give it a listen...the review has a few gems that I feel I need to hear.

    Posted on November 7, 2008 at 10:08 AM

  2. ODARA Said,

    "even tho i dont cock block lol."

    ^^^^you just spread the lies across all the e-streets hunh???

    Posted on November 10, 2008 at 3:28 PM

  3. Sound-Savvy Said,

    I agree! this has got to be the best album to date that T-Pain has dropped... I'm vibing, & LOVING IT!!!!

    Posted on November 11, 2008 at 8:29 PM


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