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It's the boy, Fashion Citizen from Fashion With A Side of Life coming at you with another fashion/music mash-up. While the ever dedicated Mack is lounging in the sun, I'm plugging away in the rainy weather of the DC metro area. But anways, Pink's album was one that I was skeptical over but it's one of the most mature albums I've heard in a while. She presents many facets of love and life with conviction. I believe her music and this mash-up was pretty easy to do. I used a lot of strong colors and because Pink isn't ultra-girly, you won't see a lot of dresses and airy pieces. If you don't know, click the pics for more info on the pieces pictured. Get ready we go into the Funhouse.

The first song is "So What", a defiant anthem that basically says what the title implies. This woman is confident and as she says " I wanna start a fight". She's looking for trouble and seems to be coming off a bad break up and is looking to let off steam. A black tiger print top and black satin shorts provide a base for this party girls outfit. A sequined jacket adds some spunk to the outfit as do the Givenchy gladiator knee-high sandals. She wears a black brass knuckle necklace and statement earrings. Her bag, a lime green Elvie patent leather piece from Alexander McQueen doesn't quite go but it does and if you don't like it, So What, she's a rockstar !

The woman seems to be progressing from her last ideology of So what and trouble making to realizing she doesn't need to or want to be that girl who's always falling down sloppy. She's taking responsibility, yet she is unsure why she feels so good without any of that liquid courage. She's rockin' a tough leather jacket and black pvc leggings. Her top is a Union Jack T-Dress by Twenty8Twelve and on her feet, black patent pumps by Georgina Goodman. She's not used to feeling good, so she keeps her trusty shades tucked away just in case in her clutch with chain detailing, because she's still a bad ass deep down.

I Don't Believe You by Fashion Citizen

This has got to be one of the saddest songs on the entire project. It's a woman who refuses to believe that the relationship is over. She reminds the man that he said they wouldn't be apart so to hear this news of a break-up is foreign to her. I imagine this girl approaching his place to find the locks changed because she won't believe it any other way. She wears dark jeans and a black turtleneck. The wrap she wears is reminiscent of one Pink herself wore recently. Although she's deeply hurt, her accessories are bold with turquoise and gold earrings with a set of bangles in earth tones and turquoise. Her trusty hobo bag in black carries the many things she needs, a trend you'll see throughout the rest of the mash-up.

One Foot Wrong by Fashion Citizen

This woman in this song keeps saying "All the lights are on, but I'm in the dark". She's disturbed and refuses to find any silver lining. She yells at one point "Is it my fault or did somebody bring me down"? She's close to the edge and she says that one foot wrong and she's gonna fall. I brought back the black leggings and a 60's mod-top inspired by the horns in the song. The red top underneath makes for an interesting scene as does the multi-beaded necklace. Her accessories are toned down to reflect this dark mood, diamond and onyx drop earrings adorn her ears and she piles on multiple black bracelets. One foot wrong and she will fall in the Louis Vuitton Powder pumps.

Please Don't Leave Me by Fashion Citizen

Ok, the woman is back..almost in this upbeat jam. The running theme seems to be her chorus of "I always say how I don't need you But it's always gonna come right back to this, Please, don't leave me". She doesn't know what to do or how to treat this man, but she claims when her heart is broken she behaves this way but pleads for him not to leave her. I imagine they're out to yet another dinner where she pleads ol' boy not to dip out on her. She wears a Vivienne Westwood Angolomania Gainsborough zebra blouse and her favorite jeans. Tan boots are her shoe of choice and she wears a season favorite, the trench. Her accessories are simple in ruby earrings, a gift from this long suffering fellow, no doubt and her trusty big bag, this time a See by Chloe slouch shoulder bag.

Bad Influence by Fashion Citizen

Troubled, troubled, TROUBLED ! This girl is nuts...she goes from don't leave me to...

"Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! I can't help it i like to party, it's genetic! It's electrifying, wind me up and watch me go Where she stops, nobody knows A good excuse to be a bad influence on you and you"

Well I figured she'd do well in this sequined Herve Leger ombre bandage dress and Jimmy Choo platform sandals. The silver clutch is so sleek it's a sin, much like the woman carrying it. She wears teardrop chandelier earrings and to lend edge to her look she wears a leather jacket with ruffle detailing on the collar and sleeve. Since she loves martinis so much, they are her only other accessory.

Funhouse by Fashion Citizen

Ok, ol' girl has to still be drunk from last night. She's pissed off that the "funhouse" they used to share is now full of evil clowns, she's gonna go Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes (RIP) and burn his house down. I see her going str8 dramatic with it. A bright red dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, and a hat, something the singer is known for, this chick employs to hide her morning bed head. She grabs her big studded bag by Christian Louboutin and shoves the matches and a change of clothes inside. She puts on some bad boots, the Forever Tina's by Louboutin and proceeds to exhale like Angela Bassett when she burned ol' dudes car up.

Crystal Ball by Fashion Citizen

Finally this woman has found some peace. She says she's learned to be brave in her beautiful mistakes and she wouldn't trade the pain for what she's learned. She's back together, at least, in some ways. It seems as if she is making peace with her past. I imagine her heading to the park to clear her head after what's been a harrowing life thus far. An interesting shrug goes over her black top and instead of dark jeans, a light pair of skinny jeans make the outfit less severe. She wears black hoop earrings with stud detail and of course, her big bag, this time in the form of a Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Neo Cabby MM.

Mean by Fashion Citizen

Ok..this one starts like this...

"You used to hold the door for me, now you can't wait to leave, You used to send me flowers if you f**ked up in my dreams, I used to make you laugh with all the silly s**t I did, But now you roll your eyes and walk away and shake your head. "

She then goes on to wonder "How did we get so mean"? WE...I guess she's still got some work to do. I imagine she's meeting with ol' dude again to talk about what seems to be a failing relationship. Her take on the jeans and tee, come with a skinny dark jean and a striped baby doll sweater. She wears another hat, a chic Eugenia Kim Black Velour Fedora and around her neck, a locket given to her by her beaux. I'm sure there will be alot of "fight" in this, so she wears Chloe' flats to keep grounded in case things get ugly. Her big bag this time is the "Love Your Planet" Angie Hobo by Isabella Fiore.

It's All Your Fault by Fashion Citizen

This time she shows up at dude's house, yelling "It's All Your Fault". She says he called her beautiful, turned her out and now she can't turn back. All this drama she's kickin' is because dude expressed love. Shaking my dang head @ her and her mess. See what we go through ladies? lol

She wears ripped black jeans, no doubt grabbed in a rage. A dip dye tank is a bright purple ombre pattern and a leather jacket in grey-purple seal the deal on her outfit. Black motorcycle boots are on her feet, she has a motorcycle and she rode it all the way over to dudes house. Butcher knife earrings hang from her ears, telling of her delicate mental state and the big bag, who knows what it carries this go round, is a Prada medium striped nappa hobo.

Ave Mary A by Fashion Citizen

This song is a departure from the dramatic relationship played our for us and is a plea for the light in the world. It speaks of the many ills that plague us now, from the Virginia Tech shooting and the suicide bombers in abundance in the news. I imagine for a plea this strong for the light in the world to return, she's dressed as pure as possible. White skinny jeans and a white ruffled short sleeve top form the base of the outfit. Underneath a bright blue thermal top, to add a bit of grit to the outfit. Her accessories are a simple rosary and a silver bracelet. The jacket by Derek Lam with it's military inspirations is a nod to the many men and women who've sacrificed life for this war. I know it's fashion, but hey, we've got a heart too. The bag is a Prada Tessuto Weave Hobo bag and the shoes, Balenciaga Patent & Metallic booties.

Glitter In The Air by Fashion Citizen

Alrighty, we're back to the final song and the conclusion of the drama. She's mellowed out and is head over heels in love with this man who's endured so much. No doubt realizing it was her who needed work and not the man who stayed with her through it all. I imagine a moon-lit stroll to a fancy dinner to celebrate love. She wears a Thread Social flower corsage dress in green with black detail. A woman she is, but ultra-fem and frilly she is not, this dress is the perfect marriage of femininity and strength. Her accessories for this enchanted evening are emerald and diamond earrings, a black shiny clutch bag, a simple black onyx bracelet and Louboutin Orlan ponyskin sandals. Finally, a dash of scented body shimmer powder to go along with the last line of the song...

"Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight? "

...Peace & Love...

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