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Hey guys, well it's been an amazing year. In 9 short months, Sound-Savvy has grown quite a bit and is at a great place in its existence. So now, I'm taking a short week-long vacation to reflect on the past year, and look onward to the possibilities of 2009. I work very hard in my daily life, so now it's time for me to play just as hard and I encourage all of you to do the same at some point. Go somewhere you've never been and do things you've never done, it's a TIYMLI experience!! WHEN I GET BACK I HAVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE GIFT!! I'm really excited about it, and I hope you all like it as much as I do... can't wait to share it!

So while I'm out of the country I couldn't leave ya without some type of help. I have officially turned over the keys to Sound-Savvy to three of my favorite bloggers in my blogger fam:
- BShepJr from Hip-Hop Universe (www.hhu2.com)
- Odara from Gimme the Goodies
- FashionCitizen from Fashion With A Side of Life (http://fashionwithasideoflife.blogspot.com)

Make sure you guys show them some love as they do the damn thang in my absence. I'll be checking in periodically and may drop a line or two. If you wanna follow me on my cruise, I'll be sending updates and pics through Twitter, so check the Twitter Updates section above or click here to add me. Thanks to everyone who reads Sound-Savvy on a daily basis or who just check in when you can. Each and every one of you contribute to Sound-Savvy, and I want you to know you're appreciated. Much love fam!!

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