Sound-Savvy Year in Review: 2008

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 1:09 PM

Hey, it's all about the Platinum Headphones in 2009, let me know what you think of the new look!

Greetings to all my Sound-Savvy fam! 2008 has been a rather interesting year and very rewarding. Sound-Savvy was born at the end of March and has since grown into something more than I had dreamed in such a short time. The support of all the readers has afforded me many opportunities to grow the site and participate in many exciting new ventures. For that I'm truly thankful to every single one of you, so please know that this year in review is dedicated to you.

Before I get there though, I got some special shouts to make: In April of 2008, Sound-Savvy embarked on a venture with Mindstream Radio to produce the Sound-Savvy report, a weekly segment on the ever-popular online talk show Mindstream Radio hosted by Adam Butler and Paul Spann. The show airs weekly, each Wednesday from 8-10 PM EST at with the Sound-Savvy report beginning at the top of the 9 o'clock hour. The audio from each week is now being posted at the top of Sound-Savvy and can be streamed.

Next up, Sound-Savvy was blessed to form a partnership with Suavv Magazine, a leading online magazine, widely known for it's celebrity interviews, real-life stories, and it's widespread appeal to young professionals. You can read Sound-Savvy stories, interviews and album reviews in Suavv Magazine, hitting newsstands near you VERY SOON!!

Last but not least, shouts to my entire blogger fam: BshepJr, Odara, iKnowTank, FashionCitizen, My Mood Is Music, A.Red, Sane, all my fam on Facebook, Myspace, Blogadelphia, The UrbanBlogger and on Twitter. 2009 hasn't even started yet and it's shaping up to be a great year with lots more in store so make sure you bookmark Sound-Savvy: it keeps gettin' better! So without further ado, here it is, your Sound-Savvy Year in Review:

This year we watched as products of Makin The Band put out their new albums, both debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts but then faded away from existence until one of them was suddenly disbanded. The Roots retired from touring while Mary J. toured with Jay-Z , Kanye glowed in the dark, and Janet Jackson kinda sorta toured the US. Big David beat Little David to become the American Idol, but neither compared to the UK Idol Leona Lewis. Estelle’s album went gold, and apparently Kellz decided his braids could do the same… Nas resurrected the N word, 50 Cent hung Young buck out to dry and Lupe Fiasco stamped all our passports in Paris and Tokyo. Lyfe Jennings tried for a Lyfe Change (failing in more ways than one), Usher fizzled, Ashanti flopped and everyone-and-they-mama had a remix to A Milli. John Legend gave us the Green Light on his solid album, while Robin Thicke didn’t quite cut it this time around and Soulja Boy made a swimming pool game into another flop. Alicia Keys gave props to the superwomen out there while Katy Perry was off somewhere making girls kiss girls and Pretty Ricky is probably somewhere kissin their careers goodbye. Young Berg was a guest star on his own album, Ne-yo made it cool to be a gentleman, Monica tried to come back, Brandy DID come back and Ciara and Keri Hilson… well they keep getting pushed back. Jennifer Hudson stepped into the spotlight, Ludacris blasted and got put on blast, and the white boy from Makin' The Band dropped an album somewhere (anyone find it?). As for wack albums, Akon and Nelly can’t stop, LL Cool J and Britney Spears won’t stop, and Diddy, well… NO BITCHASSNESS (nuff said). Beyonce and Mariah made duplicates of their last albums, while Keyshia Cole and Jamie Foxx outdid themselves quite nicely. T.I. stepped up his swag, Kanye West started to sing, T-Pain started to rap, Soulja Boy got even more ignorant and Christina Milian is on her way back via Myspace Records (no really, I'm serious). Anthony Hamilton’s still got soul, Michelle Williams came out of nowhere and apparently went right back, and Solange really did a damn good job. And to top it all off, the quote of the year goes to Jamie Foxx: “Terrence Howard’s album only went plastic!”


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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Of all the albums mentioned, Robin Thicke's album was the only one I actually liked. I guess we all have our different opinions. For starters, I just don't get the appeal of ne-yo at all.

    Posted on December 31, 2008 at 3:16 PM


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