Album Review: Sterling Simms - Yours, Mine & The Truth

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Artist: Sterling Simms
Album: Yours, Mine and the Truth
Release Date: 12.23.08

After a few previous attempts and some delays, it sounds as if Def Jam recording artist Sterling Simms has finally perfected his formula for his debut album Yours, Mine & The Truth. The album features noteworthy production from Tricky and the Dream, and Simms’ own squad, the Knightwritaz. Simms’ vocal range stands out, and there’s a lot of versatility throughout the project in both content and production, making this a great album all around.

Jadakiss drops some bars on the album’s opening cut and lead single All I Need, while Sean Paul (Youngbloodz) contributes the southern swag to Jump Off, which originally received airplay a few years ago from a project that was never officially released. Ya gotta admire the recklessness of a fiend on DUI (80 on the Freeway), where not even the “boys in blue” can keep him from an intoxicated drive to satisfy the deepest of sexual cravings. The fantasies continue on Boom Boom Room, and Sex In The City, another highlight of the album where Simms’ falsetto is showcased over a sultry Knightwritaz beat. Switching gears a bit, the album takes a sensitive turn on songs like the all-too-familiar Bad Dream, a regretful number about losing love and an obvious prequel to Let Her Go, one of the vocal highlights of the album. Fellas, I think we can all relate to the feeling of Single, a laidback joint that opens with strums on an acoustic guitar and relives the feelings of bachelor-style freedom. She Should Be Thanking You closes out the disc on a mellow note with an unusual message: it's an open letter to an ex-girlfriend after he realizes how much of a better man she made him - a better man that the next girl now enjoys.

Yours, Mine and the Truth is a solid start for the R&B singer, as this album shows his potential for greatness. It’s easy to hear that he draws artistic influence from music’s finest, ranging from Sam Cooke to Brian McKnight to Usher. I highly recommend this joint to all the R&B heads especially if you’re in need of something new and different. I’m anxious to hear what he can do with some old school covers and I’m already anticipating his next single. Go ahead and cop this joint, it’s the truth


Sound-Savvy Official Rating: 4 out of 5 platinum headphones

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    Sterling's CD is dope! I was able to preview the whole album on his IMEEM!

    Check it out:

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