New Video: Ciara ft. Young Jeezy - Never Ever

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:09 AM

Here's what happens when he liked it but he didn't put a ring on it... In the clip for Ciara's second official single from Fantasy Ride, she's suddenly swingin a lot more mane and gives homie the boot in pursuit of greener pastures, a message to women that it's cool to wait, but not cool to wait forever. The first half of the video seems like more of Ci-ci's self-realization that she's still sexy and she's still got it - it's cool, we realize it too! After her slightly over-the-top last video, I'm enjoying the simplicity of this one, it says everything Ciara needs to say to prove that she's still on the rise.

On a sidenote: Has Monica's star-power been reduced to simple video cameo's? Is it me or is that ALL she's been doing lately since her single Still Standing tanked?

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