Album Review: Joe Budden - Padded Room

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 8:51 PM

Artist: Joe Budden
Album: Padded Room
Release Date: 2.24.09

To much of the mainstream music audience, it would appear that the lyrical genius known as Joe Budden had taken a hiatus - and, in a sense, he did. It appeared to be a classic case of two fairly new artists releasing albums simultaneously: one rises to fame (50 Cent) while the other fades to obscurity (Budden). Budden’s fade-to-black, however, wasn’t for a lack of talent; deals went sour, bonds were broken, and the world shifted focus to the the brighter stars of the moment. Late-comer to the bandwagon I was, but once on board, I saw exactly what the world has been missing.

Padded Room is an extension of Budden’s dark and brooding personality introduced on his Mood Muzik mixtapes released during his time away from the spotlight. He joins forces with The Game on the album’s lead single Future, with an appropriately ultra-modern beat contributed by a producer bearing the track’s name. In My Sleep is the expected follow-up single, a mental trip for both Budden and the listener, lyrically illustrated with scenes from Budden’s dreamscape. When sex becomes a drug, you end up with Exxes, a tale of sexual entrapment; an endless cycle built on lust and powered by physical attraction. As its title suggests, Adrenaline is a pure rush of excitement, characterized by rock guitars and vocals over a killer instrumental. The closing track, Pray For Me is a brazen display of vulnerability bordering on blasphemy, on which Budden illustrates a mid-life meeting with his maker. Undoubtedly the most personal song on the album, Joe opens up about his own imperfections, self-doubts, and questions about life.

Lyrically speaking, Joe Budden could put your favorite rapper to shame on his worst day. In many ways, this is not your typical hip-hop album; there’s a different type of realness here and it’s a very personal project. It’s downright emotional in some parts, but it’s that level of emotion that forms a connection with his audience. It’s impossible to not feel his struggle and pain from his well-crafted lyrics that form a perfect union with the beat contributions from The Klasix, Blastah Beatz, Fyu-Chur, and Dub B. Joe Budden may be underrated, but don’t mistake lack of promotion for lack of skill – he’s on fire!

Sound-Savvy officially rates Padded Room with 4.5 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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