Mixtape Download: Lyriciss Flowz - The Day Job

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 1:48 AM

Check out the brand new official mixtape The Day Job from independent hip-hop star and Sound-Savvy Spotlight artist Lyriciss Flowz!! Hailing from the DMV (DC, MD, VA), Sound-Savvy stamps Lyriciss as an artist on the rise; his lyrical prowess and his ability to rock such a versatile flow as evidenced on this project make him a rising force in the industry not to be taken lightly. His potential is matched only by the passion in his lyrics and the confidence in his flow. What really caught my attention, however, is the sincere appreciation for music and the inspiration he draws from some of the legends of music, as heard on the various samples used. Highlights include Misunderstood, All I Need, Blue Collar Chronicles, The N*gga Moment, The Willie Lynch Chip and Welcome to Me. Content-wise this mixtape is very real, and Lyriciss speaks from the heart. The only recommendation I'd make is for more clarity on the mic - there are a few moments where the diction is a bit fuzzy and it's hard to understand for lack of enunciation. But true to his word, there's something here for every hip hop fan!
1. Voice Of The Metro (Intro) [prod. Arafat Yates of M1 Platoon]
2. Welcome To Me [prod. Equinox Professionals]
3. Go Hard (f./X.O. & Pro'Verb) [prod. AB The Producer]
4. Doin My Job [prod. David E. Beats]
5. Put Ya Hands Up! (f./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
6. DMG (f./Cayan)
7. Like Me (f./Theo)
8. Bring It Back (f./Pro'Verb & Deron) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
9. The Baddest Chick (f./Pro'Verb & Orlando) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
10. Wild (Dilla Dope!)
11. The Nigga Moment (f./Pro'Verb & NandoMcFlyy.) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
12. All I Need [prod. G-Way]
13. Failure 2.0
14. The Rapture (f./Pro'Verb) [prod. Equinox Professionals]
15. 2 Sick (f./RAtheMC) [prod. Cap City]
16. Universal Mind Control
17. Billy The Kid Interlude [prod. J-Scrilla]
18. Misunderstood (The Explanation)
19. Dollars
20. Blue Collar Chronicles [prod. David E. Beats]
21. DMV It Ain't Hard To Tell (w./Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy)
22. The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hate)

Sound-Savvy officially rates The Day Job mixtape with 4 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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