It's no secret that we're living in tough times. We complain a lot about the things we don't have, never realizing that there's someone out there with even less. The economy is bad, but even before the recession there were people who were struggling with medical conditions, finances, and general lack of ability to provide for themselves and their families. This weekend, I had a conversation with one of my best friends about volunteerism, and giving back to others who aren't quite as fortunate. I consider it a moral obligation to help someone else in need, one that I've always been happy to fulfill. If we all did our part to help at least one other person along the way, we would quickly find an end to hunger, homelessness and depression. Brandy and Ray J. came together to record a cover of a Phil Collins classic, Another Day In Paradise and it speaks to the fact that many of us take our blessings for granted and overlook those in need. This week, I challenge everyone to find some way to make life just a little bit better for at least one other person. Happy Monday and enjoy your week.

Brandy ft. Ray J - Another Day In Paradise - Brandy ft. Ray J

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