It's the First of the Month

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 8:37 PM

Excuse me if I have a self-indulgent moment. I've had an AMAZING birthday weekend, and I have the best, BEST friends in the world. I really enjoyed hanging with everyone that partied with me for the CIAA tournament and for my birthday. Shouts to the hottest promoters in the city of Charlotte: IV Horsemen Entertainment. The parties they had this weekend were among the best during the CIAA tournament; if you're ever in the QC, make sure you check out one of their events. This weekend wouldn't have been the same without the really cool fellas of Suavv Magazine. Make sure you check out our latest issue online. The next issue will include full recaps of the CIAA tournament games, insider information that you may have missed this weekend and event photos.

As for my birthday, well let's see... I kicked it off with a little Chrisette Michele, a lot of Ciroc, and now it's snowing! People always ask me what I want for my birthday and my answer will never change: I want my loving family, my genuine friends, and positive people around me at all times. And ya know what? I get what I want every year... I love you all.

I'mma close this out, but here's a flashback... my first ever birthday theme song, and when I'm 80 years old, it'll still be my theme... check this out!

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  1. Kimesha Said,

    Happy birthday, glad you enjoyed it!

    Posted on March 1, 2009 at 10:39 PM


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