Kid Cudi - Day N' Nite

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:55 PM

Kid Cudi reminds me of that kid in the back of the class... the one with a world of creativity locked inside his mind but no one took the time to understand. With Day N' Nite, he recorded two videos for the two versions of the song. The first is the original, stronger on the hip-hop tip which weaves animation in and out of real life scenes to bring the song's metaphors to life.

The second, which is the version I prefer, is more hip-hop/electronica and is a remix done by an Italian DJ in Europe by the name of Crookers. The video is pretty amusing too, I enjoy his more humorous side.

I'm assuming the original version will make it on to his debut album entitled Man On The Moon: The Guardians, from Kanye's GOOD imprint, but I'd really like to hear the UK mix as a bonus track. Moreover, I'd love to hear Kid Cudi and Janelle Monae do a collab, that would be epic!! Which video do you prefer?

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