Video: Trey Songz - Brand New

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 7:11 AM

Some of hip-hop's B-Listers and rising A-listers came together with Trey to show some love in this video for his new single entitled Brand New, from his forthcoming 3rd album Ready. This is a hot video, concept-wise, Songz always comes with the sexy themes to his video. Really diggin the no-nonsense, "you know what it is" type of vibe. This is a definite "last-song-of-the-night-gimme-your-number type jam. As for his third album, Trey is another one who puts out REALLY hot singles (Wonder Woman, Can't Help But Wait, Last Time etc.) but the albums are never totally solid! Hell, most of the stuff he LEAKS is hotter than what's on his albums, so I know the talent is there. Alas, I bought the first two because I believe in the dude's talent, and I'll chalk the misses up to label mis-direction; so I'll be checkin' for Ready when it drops June 30th!

Question for the ladies: are ribcages IN these days? I'm sorry, I had to... LOL

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