Album Review: Daniel Merriweather - Love And War

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 5:36 PM

Artist: Daniel Merriweather
Album: Love and War
Release Date: 6.1.09 (U.S. Release Date)

Check out the media player after the jump to hear songs from the album, and to check out the video for Change featuring Wale.

Earlier this week, I was turned on to the sounds of Australian soul/R&B singer Daniel Merriweather by a fellow blogger, Martini of Martini and Scotch. Merriweather approaches his debut album Love and War with a bluesy disposition. Discovered by Mark Ronson, Merriweather’s style seems to combine elements of hitmakers like John Mayer and Sam Cooke to create his own style. His voice captures love and pain in a way that moves the soul. Pay attention, this guy’s got a lot to say and he says it well.

Listening to this album, it’s easy to get in touch with Merriweather’s embattled heart. He sings with a passion that connects his audience to his content with his voice as the conduit. The band’s sound is similar to that of John Mayer’s, but as an artist, he’s less involved with metaphors. It’s Merriweather’s ability to be so forthright and sincere at the same time that defines this album. For Your Money has a Phil Collins feel to it in sound and content. Rap newcomer and DC native Wale brings some hip-hop flavor to Change, a song about the ability to influence circumstances through our own actions. Emotions run high on Giving Everything Away For Free, where the somber strums and vocals carry the story. Red is another of my favorites, but the standout track is the increasingly popular Water and A Flame featuring Adele. This song is undoubtedly one of the album’s supreme offerings, a duet of immense proportions. Every track on the album is enjoyable, the aforementioned are just standouts.

Love and War is a refreshing album to hear, easy-listening and modern blues at its best. Daniel Merriweather has an amazing voice and uses it to tell an emotional story. Coming from a modest background, it’s easy to hear the struggle in his music. Merriweather steps forth in a new wave of artists like his labelmate Wale who intend to revise the face of music. If this is what’s in store, I look forward to the future of music.

Sound-Savvy officially rates Love and War with 4 out of 5 platinum headphones

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  1. jayvee Said,

    Love the album -- "Cigarettes" is the stand out track to me -- as well as "Water and a Flame" with Adele. Fire!

    Posted on May 22, 2009 at 8:37 AM


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