V.A.R. - Que? x This Deuce

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 7:00 PM

You know over here on Sound-Savvy.com, we make it a PRIORITY to keep you up to date on everything music related. Today's nothing different. DJ Swift, from our affiliate site, djswiftOFFICIAL.com introduces you to his family. Hailing from Columbus, Georgia, V.A.R. (Granz, Self-One & Bryant) have been making some noise for sometime, but now they are ready to break some speakers. If you've been following our affiliate site, then you already know how they bring it. But just in case, click HERE to catch up on some VAR tracks that DJ Swift put up. Anywho, fast forward to today. Trust me, this shits knocking. When you combine Granz' gritty wordplay, Bryant's smooth flow & Self-One's wicked lines, the trio breaks the whole, "southern crunk" stereotype and show's us that there's more than just hard hitting bass and trap talk in the South. Their newest mixtape, Plan A, will be coming out very soon and will be a Sound-Savvy/DJSwiftOFFICIAL/epicSense EXCLUSIVE. As an extra bonus, here's another track off the mixtape to keep y'all locked in. Produced by Reasonable.


BONUS: Granz - This Deuce (Produced By Reasonable)

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