Album Review: Ginuwine - A Man's Thoughts

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Artist: Ginuwine
Album: A Man’s Thoughts
Release Date: 6.23.09

A Man's Thoughts is the highly anticipated sixth album from Ginuwine. This album definitely marks Ginuwine’s comeback to the world of R&B. Even though he’s been gone for a while he’s back to prove that he still has what it takes. As a veteran in this game, his influence can be heard in the newer artists such as Pleasure P, Mario, Chris Brown, Omarion and just about every young male singer out.

Interlude During the intro he thanks his true fans for supporting his 13 year career and dedicates the album to them.

Show OffThis piano-laden track easily demonstrates his vocal ability. The beginning would lead you to believe that it’s a slow burner, until about 5 bars into it. The beat totally flips and becomes a dance track. It reminds me of a Day 26 track as he sings about telling his lady to show off her beauty.

Trouble Featuring Bun B This seems forced to me for some reason. Bun B saved this one from being skipped over. It’s a good song but something is off. It’s beat-driven and dance worthy nonetheless.

Last Chance This is the first slow burner of the album. Here he croons about doing whatever he has to do to win her love, if it’s his last chance. This is genuine Ginuwine here.

One Time For LoveOn this piano acoustic track he sings of the trials of love, both good and bad. A beautiful song, lyrically and instrumentally.

Open The DoorA kind of funky little track as he metaphorically asks his young lady to open the door to her heart.

Get Involved Featuring Timbaland and Missy ElliottHe teams up once again with Timbaland and Missy on this house-influenced dance track. This is a great dance track, but can wane on you after a while.

Orchestra­- Accompanied by a beautiful piano solo, he compares his love making to that of an orchestra. The instrumental seems a little too busy for this theme of the lyrics and title but still an okay track.

Touch Metakes me back to the old Ginuwine with its old school feel. It’s either the simplicity of the track or the melody, I’m not sure which. Here he swoons as he loses his mind beneath her touch.

Lying To Each OtherOn this overly-synthesized track he sings of the woes of relationships and how all they do is argue, but lie to each other saying how happy they are in the broken relationship just to make it through and enjoy those hot nights - a story most people can relate to or have gone through at some point in a relationship.

Even When I’m MadHere he explains that regardless of how mad he is or what happens that he will be there to take care of her and has her back. “Even at your worst, I gotta put you first. We’ve come too far to put this in reverse.

Bridge To Love Featuring BrandyDrum and bass heavy track about not being afraid to cross that bridge called love. They sound nice together. Both of their voices compliment the track.

Used To Be The OneOn this track he asks how he can make his relationship better and get back to being the better man he was before. Not one of my favorites on the album. The track is a little too busy for my taste.

Show Me The Way - A beautiful melodic love song about being in love and loving it.

Overall, this album proves that he still has what it takes and though I don’t think he’ll win over the younger crowd that may not know of his earlier work, he doesn’t disappoint his loyal fans.

I give A Man's Thoughts 3.5 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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