Video: GS Boyz - Booty Dew

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 6:04 PM

This whole concept is wrong on multiple levels. From what I can tell, the Booty Dew is the dance that homothugs would do if it wasn't so stereotypically homo to dance like that. I'm also pretty confident that one of those dudes (probably the yellow lead singer) had immediately filmed a response to the Spectacular grind challenge, but burned it when it received such unfavorable responses. Let's define Booty Dew, in plain English. Dew is the term that defines water droplets - now water droplets and booty... see my point? STANK BOOTY JUICE! And what is it with these dudes and stankness? Stanky legg = dirty unwashed penis (if you didn't know) and now booty dew. Ladies, take note, they probably don't wash too regularly.

Oh yeah, back to the point... that dance is majorly suspect and uber wack, and if I see you doin it in the club, I'm calling the PAUSE POLICE!! PAUSE ON THIS WHOLE VIDEO!!

P.S. Ladies, in case you were wondering, the GS stands for G-Spot... are you FEELING them?

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