Album Review: Jeremih - Jeremih

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:19 AM

Artist: Jeremih
Album: Jeremih
Release Date: 6.30.09

From his live performances, some would argue that Jeremih is a talented singer, but you wouldn’t know by listening to this album. At his worst his vocals are comparable to a second-rate Dream, at best he’s an underdeveloped Raphael Saadiq – and therein is the problem. Vocally he sounds like an undeveloped talent, in need of a few years training to get him to realize the potential LA Reid obviously sees in him. The vocals on this album are overrun by production and lack of concept. Nothing new here at all.

Powered mostly on the strength of production, Jeremih has some decent offerings. Opening the album is That Body, which would be perfect for a single. The vibe gets particularly sexy on the upbeat Runway, lyrically a dedication to the fashionable girls around the world that enjoy looking sexy. Breakup to Makeup is slated as a single and goes slightly harder on the vocals but it’s really just an average song. In the vein of Birthday Sex there’s Raindrops, laced with sexy lyrics meant especially for the ladies. The vocal purity is at its peak on Starting All Over, where the voice augmentation devices and auto-tune are put away to reveal Jeremih’s true talent. On this song, he channels that young and undeveloped Raphael Saadiq with his smooth tones. Buh Bye is another highlight and closes the album with an energetic beat.

Despite the aforementioned highlights, this album sadly falls short more than it rises. I’mma Star (Everywhere We Are) is nothing more than a failed attempt to follow the current trend of flashy lyrics over southern-style bass-heavy beats. Judging from the sample of Soulja Boy’s Donk, it’s apparent that Jumpin is also meant for the clubs, but it’s another less than impressive effort. Hatin On Me, My Sunshine are also tracks that leave much to be desired from the R&B artist.

Within just 4 short months, Jeremih Felton accomplished a feat that takes some artists years to do: he was signed to Def Jam by music mogul LA Reid, released a Billboard top 5 single, and released his self-titled debut album. With Birthday Sex, taking over the airwaves, Jeremih appeared to be the next great thing for R&B music – this album proves otherwise. His BET Awards performance confirmed that he can indeed provide quality vocals, but this project overshadows all of his natural talent.

Sound-Savvy officially rates Jeremih with 2.5 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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3 comments and counting...

  1. Wow, you were somewhat generous in the album rating...hopefully he'll take his time next go round if there's another album to spawn from him. He clearly has talent but needs work.

    Posted on July 3, 2009 at 11:49 AM

  2. Swift Said,

    I agree Tini, very generous. Personally, i feel this cd's a coaster. I honestly like one song on the whole album, and it's not birthday sex.

    Posted on July 3, 2009 at 8:39 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Well I bought this CD mosly because it came out on my birthday.
    From what I remember the first song was so bad.
    MY BODY was not very
    The BIRTHDAY SEX.. still good
    And MAKE UP TO BREAK UP it was ok but dont remember it.
    The RUNWAY song I think he was not on Earth when he made that more for like a fantasy movie.
    Rain drops was nice give that ohh...
    The song STARTING ALL OVER was so pretty. Loved it.
    The song after that cant remember.
    The song MY SUNSHINE made me very sad...was kind of depressing.
    MY RIDE was super tight wished my ride was like that.
    And BUH BYE was good..would have dumped the girl in song a long time ago.
    Then the REMIX my sister said was corny. I'M wierd so I thouGHt it was cool.
    And that my review of his CD.

    Posted on July 10, 2009 at 6:10 PM


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