Dru Hill - Ain't No Call x Away + Fight Video

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 4:05 AM

*yawn* This 'comeback' has been the talk of myth and rumor for the past few years, and apparently the Indrupendence Day album is still on ice - but with good reason. In their heyday they were the shit, but personally I think its time for the fellas to call it quits on the group thing. Jazz should try doin some solo stuff, Nokio needs to step back into his songwriting/producing role (no more raps clown!), Sisqo could re-emerge as a solo star given an adequate image makeover and a good team, and this new guy Tao, time to make it on your own steam buddy! Anyway, here's two new leaked tracks to check out. Ain't No Call justifies the reason they should just leave the group thing alone - this song sucks to high heaven. Away is an example of classic Dru Hill, and its the reason why I say Sisqo can make it on his own.

Download: Ain't No Call


Download: Away (snippet)

As an added bonus, if you ever wondered what the hell happened with the group, I can show you better than I can tell ya...

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    That's because Ain't No Call is a solo song from Nokio from his solo album comin next year and no they should not break up stop trying to break up good groups. They don't wanna breakup and leave maybe that's why they are staying together. They had success as a group on Sisqo's Unleash The Dragon was a big solo him. Jazz was supposed to release a solo album in 2000, 2002, and 2003 but Def Soul didn't release because they wanted Dru Hill to come back as a group. Sisqo made it cause of Dru Hill he even says that so he's not gonna forget his childhood friends, Nokio is a big producer because of the tracks he did with Dru Hill. Just because Woody and Scola left doesn't mean the whole group has to disband no one cares about your opinion they ain't gonna listen and say maybe it's best to breakup. They ain't no IMX, B2K, or Destiny's Child groups to launch their lead singers career yeah Sisqo did some solo stuff but it wasn't planned until Woody left the first time.

    Posted on August 8, 2009 at 2:44 PM

  2. Well Mr. Anonymous who doesn't care about my opinion, let me give you some clarity... It's best to break up if they're gonna put out garbage. Woody left the group twice and yet they still haven't done an album WITHOUT him. They're a great group but don't come back half-ass. Other leaked songs from them suck as bad as these. Bring the heat or stay on ice...

    Posted on August 8, 2009 at 5:07 PM

  3. mack Said,

    when will people learn that dru hill does what the hell they want to do! when they ready to break-up they will. fans are loving some of the other leaks like 'away', 'she wants me' and 'it's you', those songs DO NOT SUCK! and b.cox the same producer behind day 26 is behind dru hill this time around. he knows it's not time for them to throw in the towel yet.

    Posted on August 22, 2009 at 8:31 PM


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