What Happened to BRUTHA?

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:39 AM

"We dare anybody to step to us and say they're better than us"

If you're wondering what happened with the group BRUTHA after the season finale of their BET reality show Brothers to Brutha, here's a quick update: In late December, they released their self-titled debut album (check the review here), which effectively flopped in sales (less than 100K) as well as quality. The problem I have is that these guys can REALLY TRULY SING, but listening to their album, you wouldn't know they had a shred of genuine talent (same problem as Jeremih's debut).

In this BET On Blast video, Brutha addresses the issues with their first album, acknowledges it's shortcomings and vows to make amends with their sophomore album, entitled Vacancy, which they claim has "new heat" and is "themed for the ladies". They also make some pretty big claims against the other (albeit few) R&B groups out there, saying that they're the best: "We dare anybody to step to us and say they're better than us." Really now? After one flopped album and a failed TV show? Their latest Youtube video shows the guys in true form, covering Boyz II Men's arrangement of the New Edition classic Can You Stand The Rain. If they expect the next album to sell, this is the formula they should follow. This is an awesome cover...

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  1. OMG these guys are far too talented not to see great success that has eluded them thus far. Maybe a new line up of producers, material, SOMETHING...I keep my fingers crossed for the next album.

    Posted on July 30, 2009 at 8:56 PM


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