Reviews Revisited: BEST ALBUMS SO FAR IN '09

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:29 AM

So we're a little over halfway through the year, and I thought it'd be cool to take a look back at some of the album reviews we've done so far (only through June). There's about 35 album reviews total in the vault for the first half of '09, but I've revisited the best ones of the bunch... and even included a listing of tracks I keep in rotation. Agree/Disagree? Leave a comment and let us know...

Joe Budden – Padded Room
Original Rating - 4.5
Revisited Rating: 4
Lyrically one of the best rap albums I’ve heard this year.
In Rotation: Exxes, Adrenaline and Blasphemy

J. Holiday – Round 2
Original Rating 4.5
Revisited Rating: 4.5
Another victim of lame promotion (It's no surprise that he and MIMS are both on Capitol Records). This is one of the best releases of the year
In Rotation: Run Into My Arms, Fly, Make That Sound

MIMS – Guilt
Original Rating: 5
Revisited Rating: 4
This is still one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard all year, no matter how much folks sleep on MIMS. The biggest problem with this release is the wrong singles and I'll admit, MIMS is not the greatest lyricist. I’d have gone with Love Rollercoaster first, then something hot like On and On or Be My Hustler, concurrently released along with either Chasing Sunshine or One Last Kiss for crossover appeal. And that’s my rotation....

Chrisette Michele– Epiphany
Original Rating: 4.5
Revisited Rating: 5
Best female R&B release this year, hands down. Every track sounds great!
In Rotation: Playin’ Our Song, On My Own, Porcelain Doll, Notebook

Elliott Yamin - Fight For Love
Original Rating: 4.5
Revisited Rating: 4.5
Another one of the best male R&B releases this year. Entire album stays in rotation, but here are some notables…
In Rotation: You, Apart From Me, This Step Alone, Know Better

Daniel Merriweather - Love & War
Original Rating: 4
Revisited Rating: 4.5
Not sure what genre I would label this… it’s a pop soul, hip-hop fusion. Excellent release!
In Rotation: Change, Red, Cigarettes, Water and A Flame

Ryan Leslie - Ryan Leslie
Original Rating: 4.5
Revisited Rating: 4
Took it down a notch because it was good, but not that good, kinda starts to sound the same. At the time it was refreshing to hear, but I realize now that there weren’t an overwhelming number of tracks I could keep in rotation.
In Rotation: Shouldn’t Have To Wait, Out of the Blue, I-R-I-N-A, and Addicted.

Ciara – Fantasy Ride
Original Rating: 3.5
Revisited Rating: 4
This album got better the more I listened to it. A lot of the cuts off this joint stay in rotation.
In Rotation: Turntables, Echo (Bonus Track), Keep Dancin’ On Me, Ciara To The Stage, Lover’s Thing, and Pucker Up

Method Man and Redman - Blackout! 2
Original Rating: 4
Revisited Rating: 4
Amazing that after all these years, the brothers still got flow and style. This was a must-have album!
In Rotation: A Yo, City Lights and Errbody Scream

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