Album Review: Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: The End of Day

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:10 AM

Artist: Kid Cudi
Album: Man On The Moon: The End of Day
Release Date: 9.15.09

The Good: It's rare that an artist gets as personal as Kid Cudi (can I call him Scotty?) on a debut album; for that he should be applauded. For once, there’s no excess of “balling” or delusions of thug appeal. Most of the album is just okay, not bad but not really great either. Soundtrack 2 My Life is one of the better tracks and it explores the darkness in Cudi’s background and introduces the entire project. Cudi Zone is where Scotty appears most involved and is my pick for favorite, next to the futuristic Sky Might Fall (think Mad Max). Heart of A Lion is one of the better tracks as well as Enter Galactic with its upbeat space-cadet nature.

The Ungood: This album falls short mostly in its delivery. Most of the instrumentals on here are amazing and the production is excellent, but it’s the monotony of Cudi’s voice and his less than energetic approach to the music that detracts from the overall quality. The album also suffers largely from a lack of content – most of the album is about getting high! And while that sole concept might please the perpetual stoner, the major flaw in the album’s design is the failure to realize that we’re not all potheads.

The Bottom Line: The biggest problem with Man On The Moon: The End Of Day is that it’s not for everyone. I’m willing to bet that the listening experience is more enjoyable when you’re high. The music is real, it’s honest, and it comes from a dark reality – a reality that may make you want to slit your wrists or cry in a dark corner somewhere. Again, if you can get past the fact that it's depressing as hell, it's actually still just an OK album. Kid Cudi gives a voice to the obscure, slightly suicidal and largely misunderstood urban teenager. Yeah, that anti-social kid who dresses rather weirdly and sits silently in the back of the class– he’s probably banging this album on his iPod day and night because someone else finally speaks his language. Now if only we could get Scotty to speak our language…

Sound-Savvy rates Man On The Moon: The End of Day with 2.5 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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  1. Ricky Said,

    Definitely agree with ur review. The Cudi album isn't accessible to everyone. He needs to broaden the horizons a lil' bit. I love the dark feel of the album though.

    Posted on September 29, 2009 at 1:26 PM

  2. mr. nichols Said,

    I can't say I'm not intrigued. The album seems like it's that left-field out-there-somewhere type of album that doesn't see the light of days usually because it's too esoteric. I haven't heard it yet but your breakdown makes sense. I do wonder how much Jay putting him on BP3 influenced his record sales.

    Posted on September 29, 2009 at 3:25 PM

  3. leontasmith Said,

    I cant say that I agree with the review completely. I have never done any drugs of any kind and I totally relate to his music. The point of the heavy stoner content is to explain his personal experience with trying to be comfortable with himself. I know its not for everyone, but thats what makes the album cool and maybe other people should open their herizons and try to speak someone elses language.

    Posted on October 20, 2009 at 11:33 AM


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