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Once a member of Pretty Ricky, Pleasure P has stepped out from the fold and is blazing his own trail with his debut album
The Introduction of Marcus Cooper (click here for the Sound-Savvy review). I got a chance to 'hang with Mr. Cooper' while he was on the America's Most Wanted Tour and talk about his solo project, the split from Pretty Ricky and his sophomore album, which is already in the works. My apologies, but due to some technical difficulties, the audio for this interview is not available.

So what are you listening to these days, what do you think is hot on the radio?
Pleasure P: I don’t really listen to the radio. I don’t even know how many times my song is played. I stopped listening to the radio for a while because I’m back in the mode of working on my new album which is called Suppertime. I just started working on that, we gon’ drop that one top of the year. I just been listening to all old school stuff, ya know. Al B. Sure, and just old R&B shit.

SS: So is that where you’re trying to draw your influence from for the next album?
Pleasure P: Nah, I’m just listening for different things, it’ a lot I gotta learn, ya know? It’s a way to express what you tryin to say and still make it sound good. Like when you go to a Beyonce concert, you hear that in her voice. She can just stand in one spot and sing, Jennifer Hudson, they can just stand in one spot and just sing. I’m trying to develop that, I’m learning to do that. Stand in one spot and sing and just connect people with your voice and try to learn to be an artist that really does that

SS: Yeah, I feel you on that. So you’re just taking some techniques from the old school greats and learning from that, I feel ya.
Pleasure P: Yeah man, I’m locked in!

SS: So I gotta ask, how did you get the name Pleasure P and where did that come from
Pleasure P: I mean, my voice give the ladies Pleasure and the homies call me P but ya know, I’m kinda older now and I’m growing out of that name, so that’s why I’m introducing the world to Marcus Cooper. That’s the guy you’re talkin to right now and that’s the guy that the world is gonna get to know throughout time.

SS: That’s wassup. So you are planning to switch over totally from Pleasure P to just Marcus Cooper?
Pleasure P: Yeah, we goin there. Maybe he’ll be an alter-ego that comes out when it’s time to talk about songs about what fgoes on in the bedroom. But when it comes to relationship-stuff and all that which is what my next album is gonna be about, that’s what it is. My last album was about making love and all that, this time I’mma be looking for love. I’m at a point in time in my life where I’m successful, I got things so I’m just looking for that one, not to marry right now but just that one to build with. That’s what this album is gonna be about. It gets old and tiring going to different clubs every night thinking that the club is a place to look for women, or just in general running up and down messing with girl to girl I’m kinda tired of that life. It’s boring now, I just want that one girl that at the end of the night, I can call her and spend hours on the phone with her, ya know what I’m sayin? Love is a good thing if you got it, but when you don’t you think you don’t need it but you really do. You get tired of all the other shit

SS: Real talk, that’s wassup. Now your album The Introduction of Marcus Cooper was your first album as a solo artist. Besides the fact that it’s totally R&B, what about this album sets you apart from Pretty Ricky?
Pleasure P: Just the sound, I’d have to say. When I was in Pretty Ricky my sound was a little different. This time I tweaked it and it’s more me now, ya know? Just the things that I’m talkin about and the base of the album, the foundation of the album, the way it was put together and stuff like that. Know what I mean? I got songs like Dream In the Air, an inspirational song on this album, it’s a good move, the album is a well-put together album, from front to back you can ride to it so ya know, the maturity, everything.

SS: I definitely agree, it’s a great album. Not sure if you’ve read the review on Sound-Savvy, but we’ve reviewed it and got a lot of great feedback on it. Just being honest, I was never a Pretty Ricky fan, so I was surprised at how much I liked your album. It was very good.
Pleasure P: Preciate that bruh, I really appreciate that.

SS: So how hard was it for you to walk away from Pretty Ricky, the group that gave you your start? Was that a difficult split, a mutual decision?
Pleasure P: It was a mutual decision on both parts. It just felt like, I didn’t wanna do that anymore, it wasn’t a good situation for me and it wasn’t a good situation for them either just because I wasn’t happy, so...I’ve moved on, they’ve moved on, and I’m doin y thing, they’re doing their thing. I wish them the best but I’m doing me right now so that’s what it is. Will there be a reunion, nope, I don’t think so.

SS: So is there any bad blood between you or is everything cool? You guys keep in contact?
Pleasure P: Nah, it’s not even about that. It’s like why do people break up with their baby’s mothers? Why do people break up in relationships? It’s like some girls you got that chemistry with and you can get back together. And some girls it’s like we’re totally opposite and we just don’t work with each other, know what I’m saying. You might remain respectful to each other and cool on that term, but you probably won’t wanna deal with her after a while.

SS: I feel ya, so the album has been in stores for a couple months. How do you feel about the reception of the album?
Pleasure P: Well, due to the facts of how the business works, I think it’s doing real good. I’m something new, some people don’t even know that I’m not in the group anymore. So we’re just building this brand new brand of Marcus Cooper and ya know, you gotta be consistent with music. First album, some people get lucky and sell a lot on their first album. Some people sell a couple hundred thousand. We’re selling consistently so that’s a good deal. But on my next album it’s gonna solidify me and it’s gonna keep getting better. You gotta understand where I came from, I didn’t have anybody to really stamp me like that. A lot of people got that kind of backing, that industry backing, the politics backing. I didn’t have nothing , I had to start from scratch and just turn people into believers. Like you said yourself, you wasn’t a fan of Pretty Ricky, a lot of people wasn’t a fan of Pretty Ricky, but a lot of people was. But, ya know we still gotta stick to this and let people see the real me. Right now I’m on the America’s Most Wanted tour and I am one of America’s most wanted and that’s what it is.

SS: Aight, so with Boyfriend #2, which was your second single from the album it has become one of the biggest radio hits of the year so far, did you expect it to be as big as it was?
Pleasure P: When we recorded it, yeah, we knew. Cause that’s one of those records that everybody can relate to but the average R&B guy wouldn’t say it, ya know? And I actually said it, and that’s why I’m the new bad boy of R&B, I do my thing out here and only I did that. The third single Under is doing better than Boyfriend #2. Boyfriend #2 was my second record but it was my first number 1 record on the Urban charts. So I’m happy about that. I didn’t even get a #1 record when I was with Pretty Ricky so for me to do that as a solo artist, that’s good.

SS: So Under has been your most successful single...
Pleasure P: Yeah Under is the single that’s out right now. We decided to go with a different sound – everybody else is going for this club sound. But just because you might not hear Under in the club doesn’t mean the ladies don’t like it. You gon’ hear it on the radio, in girls’ cars stuff like that. So I think that’s the good point of Under, it’s the laidback song for the summer that’s quickly building but it’s the one that people don’t expect for it to be what it is.

SS: You talked about another song on the album Dream In The Air, an inspirational song at the end. What was the inspiration behind that song?
Pleasure P: Obama was the inspiration behind that song. I looked at my life when he achieved his goals. The Costars and Lonnie Bereal had this record and it just kinda reached out to me when I heard it. We all sat down and collectively did it and I can relate to it. I always had a dream of becoming this star and here I am on my way. I’m working hard towards it, I just keep working, stay humble and well-grounded and I’ll get there. Just keep making good music and be consistent. That’s what we’re doing right now.

SS: Are there plans for another single?
Pleasure P: Yeah we’re actually about to shoot the video for a joint called Gotta Have You.

SS: Okay.
Pleasure P: My boy R&B singer Tank produced that one, big ups to him. That song is a phenomenal song. I gotta lot of songs coming. I’m bout to do this Fat Joe video too, we got a new song together called Aloha so y’all look out for that. Go ‘head and support Fat Joe. Hurricane Chris, me and him got a song comin out, me and OJ Da Juiceman got a song comin out.

SS: Man you’re busy!
Pleasure P: I got a few things comin out ya know? It’s crazy songs too. Me and Lil Jon got a song comin out, me Chris Brown and Bow Wow got a song comin out. It’s a lot of songs comin out in the near future so get ready for that.

SS: I can see you stay very busy. Your next album is called Suppertime?
Pleasure P: Yeah, that album is dedicated to Static Major. That man was a big part of my life and my album. He passed in the middle of my album and he was a great part of this album. He’s always been there for me. He always taught me stuff musically so RIP to him this album is dedicated to him. It’s a lot of songs he had for himself. He recorded a lot of songs for himself but they never got to reach the light of day because he passed. So we’re gonna put a couple of those songs on it and dedicate the whole album to him. That was my boy

SS: Yeah, that’s wassup, Static Major was a huge loss to the industry and if we’re talking about losses, the industry just suffered another loss with the passing of Michael Jackson. Tell us about the impact that he had on your career and what song by him you would cover?
Pleasure P: I used to listen to all of it. I Want You Back, ABC, and I had the Jackson CD when it was just Jermaine singing a song called Mama I Found That Girl. I’ve been listening to them since I was a little boy and he was one of the guys that inspired me to sing at a young age. I’ve been singing since I was 8 or 9 years old. He was a young guy that sang so I learned a lot by singing those songs when I was a young boy. I’d sing those songs at talent shows and win. As I grew older and came into a group, he and I had so much in common because he started in a group and went solo as well. We had a whole lot in common. Despite what he went through the music that he made, it was always music with a positive message like Beat It and We Are The World. I didn’t really understand them when he was alive, but now I’ve grown a little older and I’m able to listen to them now and it’s just crazy that he’s gone. It’s a tragic loss to everybody. Rest in peace to MJ, he’s inspired many of us and he’s gon’ keep on inspiring the newcomers into the world in their time and generation.

SS: Most def, well let’s wrap this up. You’re on the America's Most Wanted tour right now, right?
Pleasure P: Yes I am one of America’s Most Wanted.
So how’s the tour going and what can fans expect from Pleasure P, performance-wise?
Pleasure P: It’s going good, fans can look forward to 10-15 minutes of Pleasure P doing his thing, doing his hits, performing his ass off, energetic. Some good stuff for the ladies and some good vocals, good old fashioned fun. The tour is going well, we’re havin a good time out here. Wayne, all of us are like family. Everybody is involved in these BB gun fights and we just have a good time *laughs*

SS: Yeah I heard about the BB gun fights from Drake...
Pleasure P: Yeah Drake, we all getting it in. Drake, Soulja Boy, everybody’s involved. It’s like everybody’s got their own special thing going on their bus. My bus might be partying, Wayne’s bus might be into sports cause all he do is watch ESPN. You might get a BB Gun fight or two outta him. Then you go to Baby’ bus you’ll get the knowledge over there. And a tattoo *laughs*. Then you go to Soulja Boy’s bus and everybody just has something going on. From the production crew to the promoters and LiveNation everybody’s doing their job. A real professional environment.

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