American Music Awards '09 Performance Recap

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Well it wasn't a train wreck like some of the other, less major shows this year. I actually look forward to the AMA's because the performances are always grand and even if I don't agree with the winners, I can always find delight in some of the performances. This year's American Music Awards showed off some of the best new talent in the music industry, but also proved that a comeback is often more enjoyable than a come-up.

Janet Jackson - opening the show, Ms. Jackson rocked the stage and the crowd with a medley of some of her best #1 hits, including Control, Miss You Much, If, Together Again and her new smash Make Me. In slightly less than 8 minutes, the youngest of the Jackson dynasty reminded us what a performance is really about and again cemented her place as an icon.

Kelly Clarkson - took the stage in ballad form tonight for one of my favorite songs by her Already Gone.

Shakira - Give It Up To Me looked like a sorority step show scene from a music video, but it was actually pretty nice. I enjoy watching her move in sync with 60 other women...

Daughtry - These fellas are uber-talented, so simplicity will always work for them.

I'll lump The Black Eyed Peas in with Adam Lambert - LESS is MORE. Both are highly talented acts and should learn something from the seasoned professionals: sometimes its better to let the madness take place around you than for you to actually get lost in it.

Mary J. Blige - Quite simply, Mary better do it! I Am is her best ballad since Be Without You and this performance was elegant. I'm glad she didn't "take it to church", twas no need...

Carrie Underwood - she may have been outdressed by her own dancers, but there aren't too many that can outsing her, as she proved tonight.

Rihanna - I can't front, I wanted to see a dramatic performance of Russian Roulette - would've been killer! Her vocals were good, but it was the overall stage show that won me over: the theme, the energy, the wardrobe (outfitted with bullets containing laser light emitters).

Lady Gaga - Rihanna was good. Lady Gaga was better. Again, Gaga proved that she's just better. Her performance just had a stronger vibe, more energy and pushed harder than mostly anyone else's. Next to Janet, hers was the second best of the night.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - 100% Swagger. Jay epitomizes it. So does Alicia. Nuff' said.

Alicia Keys - still not feeling the superhero vibe for Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, the message speaks more than that to me. She sounded good, but the performance got a bit random and hard to follow at some points. Not her best.

Whitney Houston - Ya know, Whitney wasn't too bad. I think she chose a ballad because she had a better chance at hitting all the notes, though I was praying for Million Dollar Bill. She made me proud of her, but I also realized that old school Whitney=gone forever. 

Timbaland - Without a doubt the worst performance of the night. Timbaland looked sloppily dressed and barely able to move. Nelly Furtado made the performance bearable, but not by much. Two types of leather tho Timbaland?

Green Day - rock band performances have been few lately, but Green Day managed to rock out very enjoyably

J. Lo - I liked the theme for her performance, it was very creative, and the performance was pretty good -- minus the fact that her vocal track was turned up late (making her lip synch obvious) and that unfortunate fall on her bum. 

Eminem and 50 Cent - Well first, 50 served no purpose. Eminem totally owned Drake's song Forever and proved that fact to the world by performing his verse alone, without assistance from Drake, Wayne, or Ye. 

Adam Lambert - again... WTF?

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Overall, the show despite the acts that I never heard of before was decent.

    The low for me came with J.Lo, her performance, didn't go along with the track. Though she proves she's still got in in the dance arena with her Fly Girl persona. As an artist, she should stay where she was; a distant memory.

    Janet ain't lost a step, however, her wardrobe could have been better.

    Rihanna, love her, even more so now, giving we now can get a feel for who she is as a person. She never has received this MUCH hate from folks since the event with Chris; people need to get over it, She's BAD!

    Adam Lambert, i'm with you..WTF, his performance was too much for tv...

    Posted on November 23, 2009 at 11:31 AM


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