INTERVIEW and MIXTAPE: Mullage - Elevators: The Pre-Album

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I had the pleasure of meeting the fellas of Mullage at a performance in ATL recently, and I must say they're some very cool kats with a lot of style and a really nice new sound. Reppin their hometown of ATL, these fellas had an interesting background, and had the pleasure of previewing their mixtape. Their music is not to be put in a box, it's hip-hop, it's R&B, it's "slow roasted" (Shouts to B-Boi for that one!) to bring a new flavor to hip-hop. My favorite cuts are For Real, Omen (Where I'll Be), No Strings Attached, and Bend That Ass Ova. Features include T.I., Akon, Wyclef, Dorrough, Juvenile and more! It's versatile, it's mellow, it's good music. Check it out after the interview!

(The audio is a bit choppy, it was kinda loud! Transcript below... )

Sound-Savvy: So how did you guys get your start?
Mullage: Individually or together?

SS: Individually first, and then together.
Mullage: Let’s see I got my start in South Cobb High School in the classroom writing rhymes and passin em to my partna and letting him read it and see what he thought about ‘em. He was like 2 or 3 years older than me at the time he wasn’t supposed to be in my class but you know, it was cool. I was probably about 16, so I did it off and on, all throughout high school. I was in college for a year and a half, so uh even in the military, so I just continued on I waited til I got out the military and I decided to do it full time.

SS: And how did you guys meet up?
B-Town: It was actually in the military. We met through a mutual friend who was actually an artist also. He had the same goals and aspirations that we did. He actually brought me to the label first, I was in the middle of constructing my first solo album, a street album. B came along about halfway through me working on it and it was maybe 3 or 4 other artists on the label and out of the 20 songs, he ended up on 10 of them. So it was a match made in heaven, from the first time we got in the studio we made magic. We pursued our solo careers for the longest and we were told by everyone around us that we needed to be a group. Our sound together was phenomenal, but us being us…
B-Boi: … we was being stubborn
B-Town: We was gon’ do what we do. At a point in time, it had gotten as serious as it could’ve gotten. Decisions had to be made, I felt like personally the best decision that I could’ve made was having my other half alongside me in this music thing. The type of music we make when we’re together is undeniable. I was just tellin’ him last night, I was in the studio putting together beats with another artist and the song – just the message in the song itself man is crazy. I can’t wait for him to hear it!
But that was how we met man.

SS: So how would you describe your sound?
BBoi: I would say it’s undefined. We have an undefined sound. We try things, we tap into all types of different genres of music when we’re creating. It something we don’t like to label, we don’t like to put ourselves in a box. If somebody asked you “how do you define yourself? Extraordinary. That’s how we define our music”

SS: What label are you on?
Mullage: We’re actually on From Tha Ground Up Records. That was the label that actually took a chance on us. An independent label here (in ATL). They took us on in December and that’s when we actually made it official as a group. Just the grind from DJ to DJ, club to club, they’ve been there throughout that whole process. Osei The Dark Secret, Jamal Carter head of Akon’s label , Carlos Diaz. Ultimately it’s under Jive Records, we signed in May...

SS: And so when are you looking to release the album?
Mullage: Probably 4th quarter or the top of next year, our main focus is this pre-album entitled Elevators, released September 14th Don Cannon is hosting it – shouldn’t even say hosting because like I said it’s a pre-album, not a mixtape. We’re approaching it like – this is it. And we think we owe that to Drake, I think he kinda changed the whole mixtape game and made you pay attention to mixtapes again. You never know what can happen off your mixtape so we wanted to take it from a mixtape to a pre-album. So just really trying to give people a reason why they should go buy the album… instead of just buyin it based off one or two songs.

SS: Are you working with anyone as far as other producers
Mullage: There was RawSmoov, from the Bay. Worked with E-40 a lot, Black Elvis, Egos. Toomp, Young Sirius, and a lot of others. We’ve worked with a lot of heavy hitters, we’re working artists. We don’t limit ourselves, we’re willing to try anything. To define our music-making process, this is how we do it: we don’t rush it, we slow roast it – it could take us up to two or three sessions. That’s how we do it. We take our time with our music man and when you’re listening to it, you’ll be able to tell.

And now I invite you to check out ELEVATORS: THE  PRE-ALBUM, by Mullage, hosted by the legendary DJ Don Cannon.  Click on the artwork below to download, or click here.

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