The Soul Train Awards: Red Carpet Interviews - Part 1

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Sound-Savvy invaded the red carpet at this year's Soul Train Awards and chopped it up with many of the musical performers, presenters and special guests. In Part 1 of our Red Carpet interviews, Letoya Luckett talked about her album and her new video, we got introduced to new artists Dondria and Priscilla Renee, and Sean Paul came by after winning the first award of the night and talked about his new music and his new Twitter account!

Make sure you tune in to the 2009 Soul Train Awards this Sunday, November 29 at 9PM on BET Centric to catch some great performances by some of your favorite artists and some all-star tributes to legendary performers Charlie Wilson and Chaka Khan! Make sure to stop by tomorrow for part 2 of the red carpet invasion!

Letoya Luckett
SS: So tell me about the concept for the video Regret
Letoya: Simple and sexy, that’s all I wanted. It was like we were at the club and someone just cut a camera on.
SS: And how do you feel about the reception of your album? Some have said it's one of the best female releases of the year...
Letoya: Shut up, for real?
SS: I think so, you should read Sound-Savvy, we wrote a review of it.
Letoya: Well thank you, you know what, I’m happy to hear things like that. That’s why I make music. And I hope that the people that are listening to it, that they can relate to it and that when they’re going through that hard time – he gettin on her nerves, or she not bein appreciative, that they would listen to my album and be able to relate.
SS: Lazy is my jam!
Letoya:  That’s your jam, heeey! It’s one of my favorites too!
SS: Who are you looking forward to seeing tonight?
Letoya: Fantasia, Chaka Khan…
SS: Are you performing?
Letoya: No, I’ll be working the red carpet…
SS: And you’re workin’ it too, you look great!
Letoya: *blushes* No, I’m actually workin. I’m about to be doin’ what you’re doin. I’m interviewing different entertainers coming down the red carpet.
SS: Well it’s great seeing you and we love the album, Lady Love.


SS: You’re working with Jermaine Dupri, right?
Dondria: I am.
SS: He’s known for making some megastars, do you feel any pressure to live up to that mantle that he’s set forth?
Dondria: I don’t think so. I’m just very excited. I love to sing, this is what I love to do. I just wanna get out there and I want people to hear me.
SS: I can tell, I’ve seen your Youtube videos.
Dondria: Yeah...
SS: So tell me about your album, when is it coming out?
Dondria:  My album, Dondria vs. Phatfffat will be coming out early 2010.
SS: Phatfffat is the alter ego, right?
Dondria: Yes
SS: And your first single is…?
Dondria: You’re The One and it’ll be released November 23 on the web.
SS: Have you shot the video already?
Dondria: Not yet
SS: Do you have a concept in mind for it?
Dondria: Not yet, I don’t think so. I just finished a photo shoot with Derek Blanks today, and I know it’s gonna be very mature.
SS: One last question, you’re kinda young so what do you know about Soul Train?
Dondria: I love all kinds of music. I always listened to what my parents listened to. The Chaka Khan, and I love Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Etta James. It’s just in my background.
Well it was great talking to you and best of luck with your album!

Priscilla Renee
SS: You’re a new artist on the scene, right?
Priscilla Renee: I am.
SS: And it’s Priscilla Renee?
Priscilla Renee: Yes
SS: So you’re working on your first album, right?
Priscilla Renee: My first album is completed, it comes out December 1st, it’s called Jukebox on Capital Records. I’m so excited about it.
SS: And your first single is Dollhouse, right?
Priscilla Renee: Dollhouse, yep.
SS: What’s the feel of that record?
Priscilla Renee: It’s very for the floor, dance pop. It’s o nly song on the record that sounds like that but it’s okay because the album is called Jukebox for a reason. There’s a plethora of different sounds – there’s a song where I’m rapping, there’s a song where I sound like Christina Aguilera, it’s like a ballad, slowed down. So there’s definitely something for everybody on the album. It’s called Jukebox. The first song is doing amazing! It’s number 36 on the top 40 Billboard charts. Great for me, I’m a new artist.
SS: Where are you from?
Priscilla Renee:  I’m from Florida, but I live here now.
SS: So how has the Atlanta music scene nurtured you?
Priscilla Renee: When I first started, it was very intimidating. I thought that I had to look like every girl that came to the studio. I thought I had to have long hair down to my butt and wear tight clothes. But I soon learned that it’s not about how guys see you, it’s how you see yourself. Even this, what I have on now, if I walked into the studio they would look at me like I was crazy. But it’s because I don’t care, It’s what I wanna wear, I feel like I look good in it. I feel good. So, I’m doin me.
SS: Embracing your differences, I like that!
Priscilla Renee: Exactly!
SS: How old are you?
Priscilla Renee: 21
SS: Cool, well I wish you the best on your new single and your new album. December…
Priscilla Renee:  December 1st.
SS: And it’s called…
Priscilla Renee: Jukebox

Sean Paul
SS: So Sean, you were nominated for Best Reggae Artist, I’m assuming you won?

Sean Paul: Yes sir. This crazy heavy award!
SS: I can carry it for you if you want!
Sean Paul: You want? It’s a lotta pressure on my arm… (laughs)
SS: So what you workin on now?
Sean Paul: I got a new album out in the streets now called Imperial Blaze. I got my Twitter page up for the first time so I’m tryin to let people know about it. It’s really me, it’s been a lot of people on Twitter posing as me. I’m not really a computer dude, so I’m getting used to it. And I’m connecting with my fans.
SS: Well set the record straight, what is your twitter account?
Sean Paul: It’s @DuttyPaul.
SS: And what’s the single that’s out right now?
Sean Paul: The single that’s come out right now is called Hold My Hand and it features Keri Hilson so big things.
SS: So who are you looking forward to see tonight?
Sean Paul: I’m looking forward to seeing her perform. Beautiful, she’s down there on the red carpet, taking pictures.

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