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Album Title: Shine
Release Date: 4.29.08

More & more UK artists are making their mark here in the US. Estelle, definately is not a new-comer to success. Born in West London, this chic with a heavy accent has hooked up with well-established producers & songwriters to bring forth an album guaranteed to go platinum.

For those consumers listening to Estelle for the first time, at first listen, you hear a sound comparitive to Floetry & Lauryn Hill, that is of course before she had her nervous breakdown. Showing versatility, she lets it be known, she's just not a woman with a powerful singing voice, but she also is a dope MC. American Boy featuring Mr. Louis Vuitton Don, her first single, is just one of the many collabos featured on the album. This album from start to finish is remarkable.

As John Legends' first artist off of his Schoolhouse label, its no wonder why the album is entitled Shine, because she does just that. Without letting all the goodies out the bag, take a listen to the album. See for yourself of all the splendors this british bombshell has to offer. Its definately an easy listen. and its titillating to your ears. Submerge yourself. I dare ya!


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