Idol Chit Chat: Top 5 Rewind

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:46 PM

MackN2U: so as far as my top choices... I think Syesha could move up and bump one of the Davids
Mello: it would have to be Archuleta because everyone is riding Cook right now
MackN2U: yeah... but Archuleta had a good night last night
Mello: he definitely did
MackN2U: For once he stepped away from the ballads and did something upbeat and it's about damn time... I was beginning to think he could only do one type of song
Mello: I was really rooting for my male version of Hannah Montana
MackN2U: lol… Jason Castro... can he go home PLEASE!!
Mello: he's definately in the bottom two. If I could reverse the hands of time, I'd bring horse girl back
MackN2U: and bite-your-bottom-lip-Brooke right along with him with that 'nightmare' performance. She always sounds like she's a cheap imitation. Syesha was at the top of her game last night... she always sounds great to me
Mello: she's showing improvement. Cook has phenominal performances every week… the top 3 will be interesting
MackN2U: very interesting... David Cook is already a superstar; his performances are so effortless
Mello: I think Brooke goes home tonite
MackN2U: Jason actually sounded alright last night, but not good enough to stay.
Mello: if she doesn't, I'm throwing my tv in the garbage!
MackN2U: If she doesn't I'm gonna get my hair cut like Ryan Seacrest
Mello: I don't think you'll have to worry about that because I truly believe she's going home
MackN2U: Syesha's probably been in the bottom three more than any contestant in the history of Idol
Mello: I agree… Tarantula Hair plays it too safe… he has yet to make me say ‘wow’… his performances are always dry
MackN2U: I can't stand to hear him start to sing. He should have been gone a long time ago... these damn teenyboppers keep voting
Mello: only thing that captures my attention are his pretty blue eyes, and his smile
MackN2U: I'd love to hear a David Cook album... that dude is by far the most talented on the show
Mello: some folks are naturals @ being a star especially in their element
MackN2U: and he's definitely a natural
Mello: I'm just anxious for the top 3
MackN2U: If there was an upset, who would you rather see in the top 3 - Jason or Brooke?
Mello: Jason… can't stand to see Brooke. her performances are over the top boring
MackN2U: lol... yeah I agree... at least he sounds better

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