Sexy Can I----NOT!

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 6:54 PM

Artist: Ray J
Name: All I Feel
Release Date: 2.8.08

Wait a minute, ain't that Brandy's brother? Mr. Ray J has finally walked out of that shadow, and into the lovely world of porn. A profession he should seriously look into, because singing & producing memorable albums is just not meant for him. With his previous release, Raydiation, he had a few decent singles which got a few spins on the radio, but folks are still wanting their money back. The album was decent.

Releasing All I Feel, Mr. Norwood really tries to paint the picture of a hard-core thug. Whoa, I'm really scared of him! He's guaranteed to release decent singles such as Sexy Can I, a track filled with many sexual inuendos, ...Sexy Can I, hit it from the front, can I hit it from the back. It's a tune that you find somewhat enjoyable & wack all at the same time. If thats possible.

This is certified coaster material! Download only if you must. You might find more enjoyment watching him & Kim K. play pattycake.


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