Idol Chit-chat: Top 8 Rewind

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:03 AM

MackN2U: Randy was sooooooooo far left last night, what the hell was his problem?
Mello: he rides the wrong people’s nut sack, that dread-headed boy needs to get X’ed!
MackN2U: you know he screwed up the words on Somewhere Over The Rainbow!! I think im the only one that caught that. AND he looked like a pothead last night…
Mello: he's a mess. Ever since they voted my faves off, I have thrown in the towel on this season.
MackN2U: not me... not yet. As much as I wanna see dread-boy go home, his fanbase is too strong. Who were your faves?
Mello: I had two...A'siah Epperson & the gay guy, Danny, only because I enjoyed watching him perform. He was the only one who stood up to Simon. He was poised and very comfortable in his own skin
MackN2U: lol... I'm glad Mr. Purple highlights is gone... but I do think his 'sassiness' added flavor to this season. They should bring him back as a host... to replace Seacrest! Then maybe I'll enjoy that playful banter, right now it looks like flirting. A’siah, I liked her too, I wanted her to stay a while longer
Mello: Danny was funny. I'm glad they voted that rock star screaming chic off, Amanda, I think. She was a hot mess.
MackN2U: yeah, she sucked, her range was so limited... the fact that I didn't recognize half her songs made them all sound the same to me. I couldn't tell what was different from one week to the next!
Mello: she yelled every performance. This year, the pickins’ are slim man!
MackN2U: what do you think of the rocker guy David Cook? I think he could win it
Mello: He definitely has the image
MackN2U: and the sound... did you hear him do Lionel Richie's 'Hello'? And the version of Billie Jean he did... it wasn't original, but damn it was great!!
Mello: I'm biased...ever since they gave the noose to my faves... I haven't been much of a fan
MackN2U: Well we've got a cash pool at work... and right now, for me to stay in my slot I need Brooke to go home!! Bottom three tonight Brooke White, Carly Smithson, and unfortunately probably Syesha
MackN2U: i thought you were a faithful watcher...
Mello: I was…until they kicked my people off
MackN2U: oh... well let me fill u in: Kristy Lee a.k.a. the horse chic, is holdin on by a thin thread... I don't think she's as talented as she is pretty
MackN2U: Brooke White's got this 'good girl' thing goin on... But America has seen too many Monica Lewinsky's, and hell Frenchie Davis's to let her win. Her days are numbered... and her number's just about up... if I'm lucky in this pool she'll go home tonight
Mello: LOL
MackN2U: Syesha is gonna be forever plagued by bad song choices. Just because Idol gives you the platform to imitate your idols doesn't mean you always have to. As much as I hate to admit it, she DOES choose songs that are too big for her. I didn't think she sounded bad last night, but I do agree she shouldn't have done that song. I mean come on, that song defined Fantasia as the American Idol... if you can't outsing her, don't mess with it. Besides, she’s in my top three in the pool so she needs to stick around.
MackN2U: Michael Johns could probably get the vote for most likely to improve, but he already had a deal before the show so he's kinda got an unfair advantage. The leveling factor is that he's a mediocre performer against his competition this season. He'll make it a little further but he won't win
MackN2U: Carly Smithson: a clear case of 'image is everything'. Clearly, she's got the voice... hell she had a deal AND an album before the show... so why's she even on there? Ask the producers... her downfall is not her voice (though it was last night), it's wardrobe. Her clothes never compliment her body. One week they thought she was pregnant because of the 'smedium' dress she was wearing that overly accentuated her pudge.
MackN2U: The real competition rests on the shoulders of the 2 Davids: Archuleta and Cook.
Mello: in that case, I'm rooting for Archuleta, he's the youngest now in the entire competition.
MackN2U: Well you've got a good choice if u stick with Archuleta. The kids got a damn near flawless voice, he performs as if he's 27 instead of 17, and most weeks so far he's outperformed everyone else. His downfall can be his song choice… the problem is, he’s chosen songs no one’s ever heard of. If he doesn't win the title of American Idol, he'll win the award for biggest upset of Season 7… especially from all his teenybopper fans. Did u see that “Lick your lips” sign the girl was holding up for him last night? Where are the censors!!
MackN2U: David Cook, however, is a true competitor... he picks lesser known arrangements of some popular songs, so that silly people like me will think that they're his own arrangement, therefore giving him extra credit. Original or not, this dude's got some undeniable performance ability. But his downfall may be his own arrogance. Though I don't think he was as 'pompous' as the judges said last night, I have noticed his arrogance in previous weeks and if it's one thing America will do, its deflate an over-inflated ego.
Mello: spoken like a true critic, Mack

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