TIYMLI: Try It You Might Like It

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TIYMLI (pronounced 'timely') - Vol. 1

We live in an era where artists aren’t so limited to genres anymore. Everyone’s crossing over, branching into different areas to widen their fan base. And why not? I mean, if Big Boi can do ballet, then anything’s possible, right? (I’m not kidding…)

Sound-Savvy wants to put you on to some music that you might not listen to on a regular basis, or if you did, you might not admit it…LOL. It’s okay, we’ve all got our guilty pleasures, and we just like to share ours with you. So here’s the first in our set of TIYMLI articles. After all, they’re your ears - satisfy them. Happy listening…

Song: Wake-Up Call
Artist: Maroon 5
Album: It Won't Be Soon Before Long
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Say what you will about Adam Levine and his posse, but they’ve got hits with some of your favorite artists (Kanye, Alicia Keys, etc.). On ‘Wake-Up Call’ they funk it up and rock it out. After hearing this song, I bet you’ll think twice before you cheat again…

Artist: Drake
Song: Replacement Girl ft. Trey Songz
Album: Comeback Season
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10 points for ‘keepin’ it real’. Rebound chicks stand up! Degrassi alum Drake has no qualms about it: He ain’t lookin’ at you, he’s lookin past you, whoever you are. Any takers?

Artist: Janelle Monae
Song: Violet Stars Happy Hunting
Album: Metropolis Suite I of IV -"The Chase"
Video Link

She’s as pretty as a flower plucked straight outta funk wonderland. Imagine Andre 3000 jacked up to the 10th power and reincarnated as a female and you’d just be getting warm. In fact, you’ll probably recognize her from Big Boi’s ‘Morris Brown’ video, or from her song ‘Lettin’ Go’ which appeared on the Purple Ribbon Allstars’ Got Purp? Volume 2 compilation disc. Let her put it to you simply: she’s “an alien from outer space…”

Artist: The Jonas Brothers
Song: When You Look Me in The Eyes
Album: The Jonas Brothers
Video Link

10 years ago it was ‘Hanson’ (I dare you to front like you don’t remember "MMMBop!"). Now it’s the Jonas Brothers. They’ve been on tour with kid sensation Hanna Montana, but these youngins got a bit of pop-soul on this sentimental little love song. Cheesy…yes!

Artist: Duffy
Song: Mercy
Album: Rockferry
Video Link

She’s being hailed as the next Amy Winehouse. Yes, her sound is comparable, and if she hopes to avoid that inevitable comparison, she might wanna write a different hook instead of ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’, which mirrors Winehouse’s ‘No, no, no’ on Rehab. Still, she’s got an old school sound delivered by a great set of pipes. Addiction sold separately…

All the songs listed here can be found on the Sound-Savvy Myspace Page playlist. If you’ve got a song that you think should be a TIYMLI feature, feel free to hit us up.

-MackN2U and Mello-

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