Idol Chit Chat: Top 7 Rewind

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 3:41 PM

: Last night, Mariah night... I must say a lot of them surprised me.
Mello: Yea, I agree… Mariah is known to hit a few high notes in some of her songs
MackN2U: exactly, and I didn't think the guys would be up for that particular challenge. She’s got a 5-octave range!
Mello: Last night...each performer showed tremendous growth
MackN2U: Brooke was the worst of the night though. It's her time... HOLLA BACK BROOKE!!!
Mello: Brooke is so last year
MackN2U: Whenever she plays the piano she always reminds me of a little schoolgirl at a piano recital…the way she looks down at the keys and concentrates so hard. She was nervous last night and it showed
Mello: yea, I'm bout tired of the piano gig. Her rendition of Hero was far left
MackN2U: it was sooo fast. Originally, Hero was a slow inspirational song, it's slow so you can feel the emotion. She wasn't feeling it at all; maybe that's why WE weren't feeling HER
MackN2U: and then that little cowardly lion face she put on after Simon's comments... sorry babe, no HERO to save you this week; Kristy Lee ain't too far behind.
: country chick?
MackN2U: right, horse girl
Mello: we already got Carrie Underwood…on to the next! LOL
MackN2U: she was aight last night...
Mello: in my best Randy voice, "yooo dawg, that was just aight for me”
MackN2U: Syesha, to me is always great…she just picks the wrong songs... last night though she was on
Mello: yea, Syesha did a remarkable job last night
MackN2U: but I agreed that it was good that she picked a lesser known song. Vanishing is beautiful and it helped the audience focus more on her and not her comparison to Mariah
Mello: yea, I had no choice but to pay attention to her voice, cuz I'd never heard that song before
MackN2U: How about Carly Smithson?
Mello: Carly, has a great voice, but for some reason she always gets mediocre reviews
MackN2U: I'm convinced the judges have their picks for the season, and Carly ain't one of them
Mello: some of her song was rather pitchy
MackN2U: are you channeling Randy? LOL I agree she was a little pitchy at first because I don't think she thought she could hit the high notes, but then she just kinda went "all or nothing" and it got good! Did u see Jason do “I Don’t Wanna Cry”?
Mello: I'm so sick of those tarantula arms that he calls hair
MackN2U: I hated his arrangement.... he changed the melody up on a classic
Mello: only thing going 4 him are his straight white teeth and those pretty blue eyes
MackN2U: and since neither of those can sing for him... i'm hoping he goes home soon. I'd pay to see him in the bottom three tonight
MackN2U: the biggest shocker for me though was David Cook. Always Be My Baby is so R&B/Pop... and he completely rocked it out!!!
Mello: yea, his arrangement was great
MackN2U: You got your David, and I got mine!!
Mello: I never imagined that song to be a slow tune
MackN2U: nor a rock tune
Mello: he made it his own
MackN2U: and did a damn good job!!
Mello: He killed it
MackN2U: that's my choice to win it!!
Mello: my top 3: Archuleta, Syesha & Cook
MackN2U: Those are my top 3 too, but I'm certain that my David is gonna beat your David… lol
MackN2U: To give you props though Archuleta actually did very well. That boy must have perfect pitch because he barely hits a bad note
Mello: I know! I had a talk with him just before he went out. I told him if he did a good job, I'd see to it that Hannah Montana would go on a date with him
MackN2U: HAH!! Did he start gasping for air?
Mello: guess now, I gotta get in contact with her people to set that up, huh?
MackN2U: He conquered a duo-diva song... Mariah AND Whitney? AND he went for the falsetto note… He gets props, brave little boy.
Mello: he's such a cutie-pie…and talented
MackN2U: if you're into that sorta thing
Mello: my pick for the bottom three: it'll be tarantula, fake Carrie, and hippy Brooke
MackN2U: nah, Jason’s got too many teenybopper fans to end up in the bottom 3… It'll be Kristy Lee, Brooke White, and either Carly or Syesha
Mello: yea, I was thinkin Carly since her performance was mediocre
MackN2U: she looked the best she's ever looked last night though
Mello: I think anytime she covers that tat on her arm, she looks good
MackN2U: its like a totally different person…she looked classy last night. Have you seen her husband in the crowd though? The guy with the tats on his face?
Mello: yea, a match made in ink heaven
MackN2U: lol... if they stop showing him, she might get more votes. Speakin of votes, did you see when Ryan tore down that sign that said "Simon for President"? CLASSIC!
Mello: lol yea
MackN2U: those two are in love
Mello: yea, they think they're so undercover, but not really...its actually pretty funny!

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